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EYEZ ON ME: Introducing Doja, The Creative Rapper

Atlanta based artist D O J A is heating up the streets of Atlanta with some of his recently released projects Dating back from August 24th, 2019 which featured his Sophomore Album Lucky Boss. The album is currently streaming globally as it hits all major streaming platforms and was featured in Spotify’s “Fresh Finds ” […]

Stone – Show Love

Meet “Stone” an Upcoming music artist From Atlanta and listen to his new song (Show Love) on SoundCloud! Some of the Hottest Artist in Todays music game are “multi-talented”, even if they are categorized in one genre. Stone brings us his latest track (Show love) and shows us exactly what it means to be diverse […]

Introducing Young Boi PG

The origin story of Young Boi PG is a long and complicated one. He was born Eric Williams in Atlanta Georgia, but this name wouldn’t last. He heard Hip-Hop at an early age and he knew it was something special. He started listening to it, he started to dress like it, he embraced it. As […]

Upcoming Rapper Lighta6000 New Single “BEEN THERE DONE THAT” Is Catching Attention Online Fast !!!!!

Bankroll Fresh close friend who goes by the name Lighta6000 1st official single is catching a buzz very fast it’s called “BEEN THERE DONE THAT” produced by @kingceeo (Street Execs). Other Media: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6Fnwk9c7Nmoou8IqqGixCj https://m.soundcloud.com/rap_wave/been-there-done-that Social Network Links. www.instagram.com/Lighta6000 www.twitter.com/Lighta6000 Location Atlanta, Georgia Related posts: No related posts.

Jerry Brown – Let’s Get Away Girl

HOT R&B SINGLE! Jerry Brown New Island Vibe Single “Let’s Get Away Girl” Ladies Summer Time Favorite! Jerry Brown new island vibe sound R&B single “Lets Get Away Girl” is causing the ladies to fall in love with someone special while rapidly gaining attention from the mainstream media being mentioned as 2019 hottest r&b summer […]

“Georgia’s Own MISSENLINK”

Born 6/20/1989 in Gwinnett County, Georgia as Kelvin Byrd Sr, he just felt like he was always had a part to play in this journey called life. MlSSENLINK says that he is the missing link to any puzzle or chain. Something’s in his childhood, he rather not speak on, establishes certain emotions from him, but […]

Wayal’s ‘Love Comes N Goes’… Could this be the next big Country/Trap Hit?

Wayal’s ‘Love Comes N Goes’…… Could this be the next big Country/Trap Hit? Get used to the name, WAYAL. A Recording Artist/Music Producer living in Southside Atlanta GA. is determined to pioneer a new sound and wave to the music world. His new single titled Love Comes N Goes is nothing short of amazing, written […]

The Emerging of Audiovascula

Audiovascula is a unique Dancehall artist in his own right,He gives you similarities of Shaggy and Sean Paul but at the same is different because of his flow,Some of his material is very heavily EDM based and upon listening it gives you sounds of Rock mixed with a deep piercing dance hall tone with the […]

MonStar Productions is now home to GA, the artist behind the hit single, “Ain’t Nun”

MonStar Productions is now home to GA, the artist behind the hit single, “Ain’t Nun” North Georgia based hip hop artist, GA developed a love for music at an early age and has been focused on enhancing his skillset as a songwriter and producer since high school. While studying at the Atlanta Institute of Music […]

Logan Feat Lyn Z – You & I

Logan is a fresh R&B face that’s sure to be making headlines soon with his new single “You & I”. Hailing from Toledo, OH where he spent most of his life writing poems. He attended Kent State University where he realized that not only was he an exceptional writer but he was actually a good […]