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VintageMediaGroup.com offers a wide range of services for musicians and upcoming brands. Through Advertising, promotion, and Public Relations, we aim to be a key factor in growing your brand and building your audience. These services are provided al la carte and in packages to fit any and all budgets.


VintageMediaGroup.com welcomes partnering with brands and musicians and invites them to take advantage of our advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Let us be your gateway to increased exposure and heightened awareness of your music, business, or brand. We have square ads available to host music videos or records, advertise upcoming events, and provide brand awareness on our high-traffic website. Sponsored posts, product reviews, and contests/giveaways are available as well. Email jcook.vmg@gmail.com for advertising rates and sponsorship inquiries.

Social Media Promotion & Management

Social media is a great way to reach your audience and share your music effortlessly. We provide promotions to reach our audience of over 1,000,000 Plus blog views. Our promotion has multiplied views on an artist’s record or music video. We not only provide social media promotion but the creation and management of Twitter and Facebook pages for musicians including personalized bios and header images. While you focus on the music, we’ll focus on engaging with your fans. Email jcook.vmg@gmail.com for any social media promotion or management inquiries.

Online Public Relations and Digital Marketing

Our basic email blasts receive an average of 3-5 placements on independent music sites from our personal media contacts. We can also go a step further with personalized media outreach, seeking sites to review and feature your music based on your style. While we cannot guarantee placement can be reached on a particular site, we do guarantee a strong effort in reaching out to media outlets, following up, and providing in-depth reports each week. Email jcook.vmg@gmail.com for any PR or digital marketing inquiries.

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Packages can be tailored to meet artists’ needs. Send all inquiries to jcook.vmg@gmail.com

*payments are processed through Paypal.