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Evolution Of Savvy Turtle in The Fashion World

It can seem like a dream job for people interested in fashion – influencing society and changing how people dress. Fashion can be a fun and exciting career. It allows people to put creative ideas into action, work with their hands, and mix in social circles filled with celebrities. So don’t take it for granted […]

Home Studio Equipment – A Musician’s Friend!

If you bought a $3000 microphone and used $200 studio monitors for your mix, you may not be getting the most out of your budget. That’s why I made Home Studio Equipment, for artists who want to take their music production to their own homes. It’s a website where you can see how to best […]

RADION FM is a promising project that introduces NFT Soundtracks.

A new music project has emerged in the U.S. to change the landscape of the music industry! Early this year we discovered a project called RADION FM, it is a music platform that works with NFTs. Now music producers and artists from all over the world can create their NFT song track to protect their […]

When David Bowie Can Learn Piano On His Own So Can You: Things to Remember

Be it David Bowie versatile music or Dave Grohl rock drumming band that inspired you to learn music. What is significant is, did you stand up for your music dream and give yourself a chance to learn it? Maybe you tried, but due to lack of time, patience, and feeling of incapability might have taken […]

The Tinge of Music to Birthdays is Never An Old School Thing

Be it the ‘Birthday’ song by Katy Perry or the retro hits like ‘It’s My Party’ by Lesley Gore, birthday songs have been a mania among people. If we go by numbers, there are more than fifty hit songs denoting birthdays. And we all love playing any of them on our special day for sure. […]

Finesse Gods Clothing Company: A Sneak Peek Into FG

Your style is a way to say who you are without saying a word. Streetwear fashion has always played a big role in apparel. The new Finesse God Clothing Company line hits the fashion streets just in time. This brand transcends itself in a moment where self empowerment is needed the most. With the alterations […]

Bonnie Godiva Is Back!

Many have fell in-love with her cutting edge rap skills and witty rhyme schemes. She has gained notoriety through participation on the popular MTV show ‘Wild N Out’ in seasons 9-11. This week, Bonnie Godiva makes a stunning come back to the battle rap scene on the live stream platform Caffeine! powered by URLTV. Fans […]

Energy With Tiara C

Energy With Tiara C is a show where she shares Poetry and various topics. During the show, she also gives the viewers an opportunity to showcase and share their poetry, songs, raps, and opinions to the world. The topics of Energy with Tiara C comes from day to day life experiences and what is going […]

The Best Setup for Your Online Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar can be an intriguing and enjoyable experience. It can also be a stressful ordeal unless you have the right set up and equipment at home. Now, three vital elements must in place in order to enhance and facilitate the guitar-learning process. They are: A guitar Audio and video-enabled device A […]

The Magical Effects Of Musical Training On Our Brains

Did you know musicians experience fireworks in their brains every time they pick up their instruments? On the contrary, they may look calm and composed on the outside, but inside, there’s a matinee show going on.   Evidently, in recent years neuroscience has made several breakthroughs that show how our brain responds to different stimuli. […]