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How To Be Successful As A DIY Recording Artist

Being a DIY recording artist takes a lot of hard work. From producing records and albums to booking gigs, marketing your music and establishing your brand, you need to manage everything on your own. Besides talent and passion, industry know-how, self-reliance, and good networking are the qualities that keep you going. Fortunately, the industry has […]

Calvin West’s Lyric Video Production Studio

Calvin West is a music producer and lyric video artist based in Spain. Being a musician for most of his life, he developed a deep appreciation for songwriting. He believes every musician has a unique artistic identity. He strives to find that identity and represent it visually through lyric videos. Calvin West has worked on […]

6 Reasons to Encourage Children to Play a Musical Instrument

It’s no secret that we all want the best for our children. Figuring out how to give them what they need to thrive can be tricky. Thankfully, researchers have done the hard work for us and discovered that getting your children to play music is one of the best things you can do for their […]

Nick Beezy Is Bringing Back Good Music, One Dope Vibe At A Time

“Push hard, never give up, put your family on and always give back.” -Nick Beezy October 17, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) – When you think of good music to match good times and good vibes, thoughts of nostalgia from the 90’s and early 2000’s might come to mind. While it might get a little boring […]

Keep an eye out for this upcoming model – Michael Hanke

Who is the kid you are wondering and where can I find more of him? This 22-year old model hails from Denver, Colorado and has been turning heads on social media with his looks. With over 100k Instagram followers and recently starting his YouTube career, we can see why he is quite the head turner. […]

Amazing Lifestyle Brands That Make Dope Products

These are good times for us all fashion freaks. Global brands are not more than a click away. But at the same time, most of the products that we see online on most ecommerce aggregators are average looking and tend to converge towards what we may call a lazy designer’s job. Here are six design […]

Legal Alternatives To Free MP3 Download

We all know that downloading music without paying for it is illegal. No one wants to be party to something that could get them in trouble with the law, even if a couple of dollars are saved. That’s why people are looking for alternatives to downloading illegal mp3 music.   With the streaming and cloud […]

Hip Hop Music Video Editor

We all love cool videos, we love when modern effects are used in videos. For many young performers it is difficult to create a cool video, find professional designers and Directors of music videos. Our team of professional developers and designers has made a unique product for aspiring artists, whose budget is limited. Our main […]

OTT Video Streaming Platform

Hip Hop overtook Rock as the most streamed genre in the world and is now making waves across Asia. Although YouTube has been North America’s go-to platform for music video streaming, Asian audiences are finding it increasingly difficult to discover and consume the vast amounts of content coming from such a diverse region. DesiHipHop Inc, […]

Arush Dayal – The Triple Threat

With a career spanning acting, singing, and writing, Arush Dayal is a triple threat. Originally hailing from India, Arush has seen a wide swath of the globe on his quest to hone his craft. He has studied at prestigious acting programs across the world including the Acting Program at the International Academy of Film and […]