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Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With Dobey Dobe | @DobeyDobe

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With Dobey Dobe | @DobeyDobe

1. How long have you been creating music?

I’ve been rapping nearly all my life, going back to elementary school, but I didn’t start actually recording until about 2009. 

2. Breakdown how you came up with your style and sound?

It took a lot of trial and error, to find out what I truly enjoy to make and fine tuning that to something that I feel is also relatable to others. It started with just learning how to rap well– coming up with dope bars, schemes, and putting literary elements together. I feel like it didn’t truly come full circle until I realized what I like to create in terms of music. Apart from how dope my words are, how does it sound? How does it make me feel when I listen back. Those types of questions became more important to me.

3. How has your environment and the way you grew up , affected the style of music you create?

Had I not been careful, the environment from which I grew could have very easily led me astray. I understood what was going on in from gangbanging, violence, pimping and hoeing, selling drugs and getting high, what it’s like being minority etc. I tried to embrace those things in music because that’s what all the famous rappers did but it never quite came out right. That type of lifestyle never really resonated with me. None of it felt like me. It taught me how to process it, but not how to glorify it.

4. Top 5 favorite artists you listen to and top 5 artists you want to work with?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Vince Staples, Saba, Tyler The Creator, J. Cole and Smino.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years within music?

All over, man. Just in the past 2 years it’s taken me from living in Arizona to living in California. I plan to do a lot more travelling too. Since moving I’ve made music friends and visits in Missouri, Oregon, Illinois, and Washington. I want to connect with the whole world eventually. Will that be within the next 5 years? I sure hope so.

6. Tell us about your latest single and video for “Last Days.”?

The latest single just kind of happened. I’ve been making and sitting on a lot of music and I figured it’s time to stop hoarding music. A producer friend from Twitter (shoutout to Tyler Phan) shot me the instrumental and it was a wrap. The beat was calling for some real talk on it. I decided to sprinkle in a little confidence in there somewhere because every now and then I gotta talk my shit as well. 


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