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Yung Hashish Debut Release – I Like Your Style!

Yung Hashish Debut Release – I Like Your Style!

Yung Hashish blends classic R&B, hip hop, and pop with his Bangladeshi heritage to create a dynamic new sound with global appeal. Currently based in New York, he has spent years honing his craft. Now, with his debut releases expected later this year, he is ready to take the underground by storm.

Yung Hashish was raised in Kuwait to Bangladeshi parents who considered music to be the work of the devil. The forbidden nature of American music only made it more appealing to the young artist, who spent many secret hours absorbing records by Akon, The Weekend, and Michael Jackson. He began to harbor dreams of becoming a musician, and although it was impossible at the time, the dream of making his own music kept him constantly inspired.

When he relocated to Queens, NY as a young man, Yung Hashish took a job in the tech sector, but the music was never far from his mind. Now that he was free to do whatever he wanted, he began using his computer skills to experiment with music production and found that it came pretty easily to him. In addition to his ethnicity and love of hip-hop, he began to incorporate elements of music from all around the world, including Afro-pop and dance hall. He even began incorporating the Bengali language, as a way of paying tribute to his heritage.

The resulting sound is totally unique. Filled with hypnotic rhythms, memorable vocal melodies, and unique soundscapes that awaken the imagination, Yung Hashish’s music has something for everyone. At only 25 years old, he has managed to create a vital new sound that will relate to listeners around the world. Yung Hashish’s story is only beginning, and there is no telling how far his music will reach.

Yung Hashish Debut Release – I Like Your Style!

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