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Mac Karleon is putting South Carolina back on the map with his new banger which is called “Let Me Repair.” This record is a smash and is getting a lot of airplay on the radio across the USA. Click the link below to listen to it right now.  Columbia, South Carolina artist Mac Karleon was […]

New Music: Elite Sqwad – Prepare for The Wave

Elite Sqwad got a debut album hitting all platforms you listen to music on! On the real these artists out the way of Albuquerque, New Mexico got talent but to be real real, I feeling like they need a little work. Not the bars but the sound. One track ends too quick and doesn’t jump […]

New Music: Angel Sessions – Still In Love | @AngelSessions

Angel Sessions is back with another record that will have you moving and grooving. The name of this record is “Still In Love” and it speaks about an emotion that we all have felt, one time or another.  You see we all have that one person (Woman Or Man)  that got away from us and […]

New Music: Siincere – Pirates | @IamSiincere

Siincere is a hip hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia whose solo journey just recently began. He has been on a mission to find his solo artist voice, and name, and now, Siincere has emerged on the scene by releasing his debut track, “Pirates.” Backed by a boomin’ 808 and a glorious melody, Pirates has […]

New Music: Road Runna Rio – Gold Medal Featuring King Louie | @RoadRunnaRio

Road Runna Rio is coming with a heater to the music industry. The name of the record is “Gold Medal” and it features King Louie. This record is a smash, check out the video right here right now.  Related posts: “The King of Love Rap” from a dream to reality as this “Love” Rapper about […]

New Music: Bully Wiz – Summertime Featuring Benji | @BullyWiz

Bully Wiz just dropped a crazy record called “Summertime” featuring Benji and it is fire. Click the play button or link to listen right now.  Related posts: New Music: Angel Sessions – Still In Love | @AngelSessions New Music: Road Runna Rio – Gold Medal Featuring King Louie | @RoadRunnaRio

Y.I. Mogul Talks Music With Vintage Media Group | @yimogul

First + Last Name Y.I. Mogul 2. Hometown Dayton, Ohio 3. Rough Upbringing? Past trauma? Near-death experience? My Real Dad died when I was 7 years old, abusive step dad caused me to not truly live a happy childhood. I still suffer trauma from that. Never had a real friend before or somebody who genuinely […]

New Music: Octavia The Great – No Bra

Fresh off of releasing four new singles this year, Octavia The Great drops off yet another hot track. The new single called “No Bra” is a dope display of the Portsmouth, Virginia spitter Octavia The Great’s lyrical prowess as she fully expresses herself from start to finish. She really shows up and shows up on the chorus […]

New Music: Vou$ – FEAR Vs LOVE 2 | @fearvous

Ronald Chavous Jr. better known as Vou$ released his second Debut album “Fear Vs Love 2” with tastes of new flavors, immediately began to receive good mention on the project. In recent events Fox 29 Philadelphia news station caught footage of F.E.A.R ent. And friends Giving back to the community. Vou$ owner of F.E.A.R ent and “As […]

New Video: Deemun – Getting Started | @deemunnn @offlimitsrecords

London’s latest rockstar Deemun has dropped a new video called “Getting Started” and it’s nothing short of amazing. The visuals for this record is next level and will blow your mind in 10 different pieces. Click The Link Below To Stream The Record:   Deemun is one of those artists that can really hang with the rising artists […]