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U BAD… One of the Hottest Twerk Songs This Year!!!

Creators of the Fast and Furious breakout hit “The Fast Life” are turning their hand at another hit record. The Virginia-based P&M studio owned by creative director and rapper A. Ali is turning up the heat with his latest hit U BAD. The bumping rhythms have even the stiffest necks swaying to his unique beat. The single dropped […]

Jack Hogan – Gettin’ Sicker; Faithfullness

This is the highly anticipated extended single of a session that ended up producing two songs for his upcoming debut album. VMG had a moment to sit down with Jack Hogan to discuss new music and more… 1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music? Trauma is the primary motivator of my […]

Trippy Tahe just dropped after 5 years!!

Trippy Tahe finally dropped a single after 5 years of retirement, he took a mental break and came back better than ever in this new single he talks about how everything isn’t as good or cool then people think it is. He comes to you with this new track with a new cadence, flow, and […]

Kxng KO’s Shameless Plugs X (Uncut Gems)

“Shameless Plugs X” is an ep with an Original and Diverse sound. Kxng KO seems to approach music with a southpaw style delivery. His beat selection and content choices seem extremely unorthodox. Even his song structure is different. Songs like “Baking Bread X” have one chorus and one verse. Who does this guy think he […]

Why Lil Ugly Sister XXX stands out amongst the crowd with his debut album “Kawaii or Die”

Lil ugly sister xxx has just released his debut album “Kawaii or Die”. With the first track “Throw That Ass if You Sad Baby” we get a sense of sister’s boyish and playful ways in his music. The track opens up with a dance vibe and a female vocalist singing “my heart is beating slow” […]

Rapper and Instagram Model Lvndxnisdevd releases his first music feature while creating a local artist beef.

Rapper Lvndxnisdevd, also pronounced “Landon is Dead” released his first music feature with another local rapper whom Landon claims he is not on talking terms with. Allegedly the other rapper on the features relative made false police reports allegedly to get Landon into legal troubles after an argument with the two artists happened outside of […]

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With Jaraiyia Alize’

1. First of all tell us about the start of your music career? My music career began February of 2020! This was the first time I recorded in a studio. 2. Who or what inspired you to get into the music industry? For as long as I could remember, I’ve always known that singing would be […]

DomoMoon Releases Her 2nd Single on ER The Label entitled “Titles”; a follow up to her first single release on the label “Ring, Ring, Ring”

Born and raised in the Westside of Chicago as Dominique Durr, DomoMoon’s styling has been srongly influenced by the area which she is from and her mother’s and late father’s eclectic musical taste which varies from R&B to Rock & Roll and everything in between, DomoMoon’s chilled hotboxx Lake Shore Drive Neo-Soul/Trapp Jazz styling came […]

Ehvinchí -“The Choice Of NY”

Ehvinchí, a new emerging star based out of Rochester, New York has been on hot streak! Ehvinchí’s latest music video for his newly released single ‘London/Georgia’, (watch now on YouTube, Like and Subscribe) is not only a captivating visual experience, but also delivers a unique sound that fans have described as “orgasmic”.  With the video […]

“Oooo” The Summer Vibes Are Here!!!

Rune Will has released the song “Night Cap.” This song comes right in time for summer, and is sure to suit the tastes of those looking for a fun and upbeat hip hop song. Rune Will combines his ability to both rap and sing to make a song that will remain memorable even after the […]