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TaniA Kyllikki Feat. Rynellton (In These Eyes)

TaniA Kyllikki impresses her audience with a fascinating vocal performance in her latest single, “In These Eyes,” skillfully exploring her emotionally charged lyrics and leaving a memorable impact. TaniA Kyllikki, a British singer-songwriter, has garnered a significant following across the globe, eliciting a strong emotional response from millions of individuals. Since the onset of the […]

Nebraska’s Own, “Siem Dream” making Noise with his Latest Release of 2023

From releasing multiple “Singles” every month in 2022,The Midwest is catching a buzz quickly, as a small-town Kid, Nebraska’s Own “Siem Dream”DROPS his first Single and Latest Release of 2023 “Green Light, GO!” to spark up the Summer, bringing HEAT to the Music Industry When you combine a Rock, Pop, Country, and HipHop style of […]

Allow Us To Introduce… James Roan

Every 5-10 years there’s a new emerging artist that breaks all boundaries and captivates all audiences. Every generation has those 2-3 individuals that you know for sure will take over the genre for years to come. With what they bring to the table it’s evident they will become legends. Some examples of those are names […]


Q. The first time you were featured in Vintage Media Group, you were in a group called Hoolie Pack, what’s going on with you and the group? A. I am the founder of the brand Hoolipack & I’m the leader of the music collective. I’m currently doing my own thing. Pushing out new music & […]

Kaotic gives the people what they want with his new album “Do Or Die”

Kaotic released his newest album ” Do or Die” on March 17th! With features from Merkules, Kye Kaszett, Ryan Palma, Illustrious, B. Lyrical, J.G., Vash da Stampede, and Marisa Carpio. The project was completely mixed and mastered by Ryan Palma at Redwall Studio in Fremont California. Production was done by multiple producers such as Trunxks, […]

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With Richie Mike

I’ve been doing music for about the last 6 years 2. Breakdown your style and sound? My style and flow is more on the new wave sound, but speaking on real life experiences that I go through or went through or seen. 3. What makes you different from the other artists coming out in today’s […]

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With Daniel

1. Daniel it’s a pleasure to have you with us. For those who don’t know, where are you from ? What was it like growing up there? Hey Temi, thank you so much for having me. For those that don’t know, I’m originally from PG County, MD which is within the Washington DC Metropolitan area.  […]

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With Dough Boyy

1. How long have you been creating music? I have been creating music since my teenage years. You would always see me writing in my notebooks, if it wasn’t rhymes it would be poems. 2. Breakdown your style and sound? I consider my music style unique. In my word play I try to say things that you […]

Vintage Media Group Interview With Apostle Joshua Muchena

1: Apostle good to have you with us. For those who don’t know, Where are you from? What was it like growing up there? -Im from zimbabwe from a city called chitungwiza  though growing up in that  place was not easy I must say it is the challenges, pressure that made me who iam today. […]

Vintage Media Group Exclusive Interview With JJLamar

1. How long have you been doing gospel music? I have been doing gospel music for about 7 months now. 2. What made you want to do gospel rap versus life rap? I got saved for real and always did music but never took it seriously.Once I got saved I needed a way to get […]