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Float Again By Travis Michael

Travis Michael, raised in Pensacola, Florida, has had a career that is multifaceted. From music artist to photographer, videographer, director, producer, engineer, and songwriter. Travis served 10 years in the United States Army and is an Afghanistan War veteran. His first experience with music came from a CD he took to school from his brother […]

The Anthem to Ignite Change in 2024 – Forward Farther Faster

Created by Justin and sparked by the vision of his 11-year-old son, “Forward Farther Faster” is a testament to pushing boundaries and seeing no limits. Inspired by the diverse community of Rochester and the golden era of 90s rap and hip-hop, this track was brought to life by the incredible talent of Jason from the […]

Chai Tulani Nominated for Best Male Vocalist and Best African Entertainer

The 42nd annual Chicago Music Awards have once again put the spotlight on the city’s most exceptional talent, and Chai Tulani has emerged as a standout with nominations for Best Male Vocalist and Best African Entertainer. Chai Tulani’s innovative blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and soul has captured the hearts of many, earning him these prestigious […]


YOUTH SOUL LOVE releases his new album “SOULMATE”. I selected the title SOULMATE because I feel like it was something that represents my name & artistry YOUTH SOUL LOVE, It connects with my Young & mature audience bringing them back to the main objective and focus on planet earth which i believe LOVE. where I’m […]

Richie Mike Talks Music With VMG

1. Breakdown the concept behind the record of “Can’t Relate”? The concept behind can’t relate it just how people see trying to comeup or do some too better yourself and everybody sees it be just don’tcare to help elevate you. 2. Where was the record recorded at and how long did it take tocomplete the […]

JimEMacLive Talks Music With VMG

1. Break down your style of music and your sound? I don’t know if it’s easy to breakdown my style of music because Ifeel like I’m one of a kind so I really don’t have too many ppl tocompare it to if you ask me 2. How has the environment you grew up in affect […]

New Music: JimEMacLive – Choose Featuring Ralo tha Pimp | @JIMEMAC03

In the realm of Hip Hop music emerging stars we have JimEMacLive andRalo tha Pimp. JimEMacLive links up with Ralo tha Pimp to release thesmash single “Choose”. ℗Hip-hop has long been rooted in authenticity,and it’s hard to find someone who puts his sweat & tears into thegenre like JimEMacLIVE. Growing up on the streets of […]

Chai Tulani Strikes Again: 3rd Musical Marvel within Just 6 Months

Photo Credit: 📸@thoughtpoet77 of @unsocialaes In the dynamic world of music, where artists often take years to craft and release new projects, Chai Tulani is rewriting the rules with his latest achievement titled “ BLAM”. In collaboration with one of Chicago’s finest engineers Mixsa , Tulani embarks us on a new journey with a unique […]

Emerging Soul Pop R&B Artist Jacqueline Hitting The Ground Running…

Her 2nd Single “Time” is Already Scheduled To Drop on The 1st Friday Of The New Year. Who are you & what do you feel is your role in the music industry? “My name is Jacqueline & I have felt called into this career since seriously considering what direction I was meant to take in […]

That 50th Anniversary of Hiphop Vibe!

Featuring acclaimed hip-hop artists Wordsworth of “The Lyricist Lounge” (MTV, & Rawkus Records) & REKS (Statik Selektah, & DJ Premier) Also features soulful vocals from Qwill Music, and unique TripHop/Jazz instrumentation from Project Parallels… Designed with great care by Ryan Mills Presents, this song aims to honor classic styles of the past while uplifting listeners […]