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After strong anticipation from fans, Abigail Asante has just released her brand-new single ‘So What’. ‘So What’ is a strong drill anthem channeling female empowerment, not needing a man, and knowing your self-worth. Abigail Asante is here to finally claim her space in the UK drill scene with her husky voice, strong bars, and distinctive […]

Zerk releases his newest single “Kingdom”

Zerk is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Flint, Michigan. Known for his fast-paced, intricate, lyrical delivery filled with punchlines, melodic hooks, and a dark storytelling cadence, Zerk began to gain recognition in 2017 after becoming the winner of the Anno Domini Nation “Best Rapper Alive Contest” with his song titled “Prove It”. […]

Timothy Colbert-Kemp – Weed And Wine

How the multi-talented Timothy Colbert-Kemp is captivating Hollywood with his video game, upcoming film, and his album “The Hollywood Callback” Timothy Jamison Colbert-Kemp, also known by his stage name The Amazing T.k is a United States Army veteran with a deployment to Afghanistan under his belt. This multi-talented actor, writer, video game designer, and developer, […]

“Please Excuse Me” – New EP from PowdersEnergy

PowdersEnergy rising out of Dallas, Tx uses every pocket and corner of his voice to create progressive sounds and melodies. Taking influences from rappers like Drake, Biggie, Young Thug, Mac Miller, and many more, Powder aims to give listeners a chance to feel like they’re not alone. Being wired to create Powder also produces a […]

Chai Tulani Talks Sharing stage with Skip Marley, Fatherhood, and New Music

Sonic Soul & Afro pop artist Chai Tulani recently returned to Chicago from Arizona after joining reggae star Skip Marley on his “Change” Tour in Tempe, Arizona along with DJ Chill. Skip Marley is the grandson of the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. This concert was a milestone for the young African bull Chai Tulani […]

Rapper Prentice and R&B Soul singer Tobias Lamar drops “Sex In The Morning”

Rapper Prentice teams up with singer Tobias Lamar on the new release “Sex In The Morning”, which came just in time for the season. The song is catchy and the melody sung by Tobias Lamar gets your attention immediately. Prentice’s impressive flow and cadence on this track are done effortlessly during his verse. This song […]

Yung Hashish Debut Release – I Like Your Style!

Yung Hashish blends classic R&B, hip hop, and pop with his Bangladeshi heritage to create a dynamic new sound with global appeal. Currently based in New York, he has spent years honing his craft. Now, with his debut releases expected later this year, he is ready to take the underground by storm. Yung Hashish was […]

Hear Why J.J. Tha Wikid 1’s single Get Up quickly hit no. 1 on The Beach, 562 Live Long Beach, CA

J.J. Tha Wikid 1’s single Get Up hit no. 1 on The Beach, 562 Live Long Beach, CA Get Up is a strong single from J.J. Tha Wikid 1, and it showcases his immense talent as a rapper and artist. J.J. started writing rhymes as a teen in 1995 and started producing beats in 1998. […]

Nick Pe$o – Viral

Nick Pe$o is a diversely talented hip-hop artist from CT represented by the independent record label Clxssik Entertainment LLC. But, I’m sure everyone knows that now after this latest hit! Pe$o showcases a short but intriguing story throughout this epic music video with eye-popping and breathtaking scenes. The name of the video cannot simply just […]

Rap Artist is Using His Music Platform to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Traphouse Trav, better known by some as Travis Gayle, has been trying to change the landscape of anything he’s been a part of, for the better. Although he spends most of his days driving product features for a tech company, he considers making music his outlet for expression. Travis believes that challenges have been hurting […]