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“I grew up in hip hop and have a genuine love for the culture itself. I remember the days when it was pure and unsaturated. However corrupt companies have marketed hip hop in way that saddens us every day. From watching TV, listening to the radio, constantly being bombarded with images that are untrue about the hip hop culture with various unethical marketing gimmicks.” “I’m not mad at the individuals or their particular hustle. It is not in our nature to hate; however when a culture that is so close to us is exploited the way it has been and with its constant growth we can’t help but feel pain. The days of young and mature people being able to vibe to rap together are long gone and have been replaced with saturated images.”

Upcoming Independent Artist Jirard Lowery Releases ‘BIGDOG’ the most anticipated song for 2021 yet.

This cinematic song will really boost your energy. Jirard Lowery gives us the feeling of being the ‘Big Boss’. His flows are fast and dramatic with mind-blowing lyrics. This is definitely the song if your looking to turn up with your friends, or to get pumped before a game. You are now the Big Dog. […]

B R I A N N A Hosts Virtual Red Carpet Event for Release of New Single Kingdom Pop

Artist Brianna Shelko launches a new single with a successful virtual event. (ATLANTA, GEORGIA, March 2021) — Pop singer Brianna Shelko united fans from across the world during a virtual red carpet premiere release to officially launch her latest single “Kingdom,” inspired by Byron Balasco’s Netflix hit series, Kingdom. The event took place last Saturday, […]

Seattle Based Producer “Allucid” With Exciting New Melodic Hip Hop Single “Bad Start”

Exciting the new single “Bad Start (feat. 2phone)” by Allucid brings in a truly unique sound to the melodic hip hop genre. Although it maintains similarities to the genre, its melodies are fresh and stylistic, giving Allucid’s new single a brand new feel. “Bad Start” features vocalist 2phone an up-and-coming rapper based in Seattle, and […]

Bryanpreneur – Corona Conspiracy (feat. Reala G) Single

Bryanpreneur is an up-and-coming artist/rapper with a small audience. His latest release is more to coronavirus-related topic. About his artist bio, he’s from Malaysia and as a Malaysian Chinese Rapper. He have previously released 3 other songs before this. His influences are Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, […]

“New Mother” By Ola Igboaka

Ola is a Polish-born artist whose music is an original mix of soul, pop, hip-hop, and spoken word. In 2013, she moved from Krakow to London and graduated with a Mmus in vocals from The Institute of Music Performance. Her narrative is one of pride in womanhood, experiences as an immigrant, and the full embracing […]

Katie LaDubz “Moves To Make” Debut Album

Katie Ladubz is an East Coast rapper making waves in sunny California with her debut album “Moves to Make”. Released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 14, 2021 on the independent record label, Cult Muzic Media. As a transplant from the East Coast, Katie LaDubz brings what is missing to the local San […]

Houston Rap Artists, ”Tyme, Lil Flip, and Killa Kyleon ” link-up and collaborate on their latest single “HOLLY ANNA LISA ”

This dirty south collaboration features three amazing rap acts from H-Town, as Tyme , Lil Flip, and Killa Kyleon come together to release a new joint titled “HOLLY ANNA LISA.” The new single officially dropped February 26, 2021, with the rising artists delivering an amazing piece that will storm the industry into a lyrical-frenzy, letting […]

Kowshik Saha Just Dropped His New Single – Just Gotta Know.

Kowshik Saha, the emerging musician, after releasing various covers of popular songs, and publishing books to guide musicians during a pandemic, just dropped his new single “Just Gotta Know”. We had a moment to check in with Kowshik Saha new single and more… 1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music? I […]

AM/WAS presents: Prelude (featuring Young Wabo)

February 2021 – Prelude is a groundbreaking new release by AM/WAS, also featuring Young Wabo, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded with a true gem. This production is accomplished and genuine, bringing an immediate, energetic feel to the table. There is a certain urgency to this release, yet there is also a lot of focus on details, […]

J Spaz Goat Music Official Video

Joseph Chauncey Reaves knows as j spaz release goat music a single from one of his recent projects titled “life or death the epGoat music official video and audio was Recorded in Philadelphia pa by Nowplayingdigital and was released by j spaz on YouTube in February 2021, Here are some of the opening lyrics of […]