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“I grew up in hip hop and have a genuine love for the culture itself. I remember the days when it was pure and unsaturated. However corrupt companies have marketed hip hop in way that saddens us every day. From watching TV, listening to the radio, constantly being bombarded with images that are untrue about the hip hop culture with various unethical marketing gimmicks.” “I’m not mad at the individuals or their particular hustle. It is not in our nature to hate; however when a culture that is so close to us is exploited the way it has been and with its constant growth we can’t help but feel pain. The days of young and mature people being able to vibe to rap together are long gone and have been replaced with saturated images.”

W.T.T.W aka Welcome To The World

Written & Produced By Tru The Producer aka Trudytheproducer Welcome to the World. A place where deception and disloyalty are around every corner and with everyone you meet. Journey along with Trudytheproducer as he maneuvers through the flow and ebb of the uncertainty of daily life in this world. We had a moment to sit […]

Joe Radio Is Back!

Call Me Radio is the first single from Joe Radio’s debut album ‘I hope U Hear This’ – recorded, mixed, and mastered at HQ Recording Studios! The track has a classic lofi hip-hop feel with a catchy hook and clever wordplay and reflects Radio’s growth as an artist in terms of lyrics, performance, and production. […]

Diko5 Reimagines Phonk With New Track “Kansei Drifto”

Nowadays, drift phonk has become bigger than it ever was, which makes it harder for anyone to stand out in the game. But that’s not the case with Diko5. His new track “Kansei Drifto” completely reimagined phonk with his ever-switching flow and hard-hitting drums. Throughout the track, he talks about his fast lifestyle with numerous […]

Dope White Niykos That’s it.

New music from the D.C native. Niykos the upcoming artist and stated:“I got it and I got next, that’s it!” New music is available on all platforms… Additional Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeUlNOFCJ9jESZ8FaRdwQg Social Network Links. https://twitter.com/niykos Spotify – Niykos Location Washington D.C Related posts: Dez Pave Says “You’re Very Welcome” REAPER7MAN – Rollout Mission PLZ – “Big […]

Bri Skii Lavon – The Goon Bacc

During the Birth of Brooklyn Drill, The Kings County Born BRI SKI LAVON was on his way to climbing the music interest of Drill Music with songs/videos on YouTube “Used 2 Hoop” “Rest In Piss” feat his TNT Reaper Gang Artist TNT LUCCI and Single “Never Be Captured”. Sadly BRI SKi was arrested in NJ […]

King Mushu, The Fire Spitting Dragon

Tony Anhtuan “King Mushu” Mai is of African American and Asian descent. He is thefounder and CEO of Under Ground Paradise Records where he contributes as an artist aswell as director for his own personal ambitions while also helping other artists pursue theirdreams. He was born on May 30th, 1991 in Vancouver, MA. Born under […]

Ocean’s Envy – Statement Piece – Official Music Video

“Statement Piece” is the hard-hitting hybrid track from fast-emerging artist Ocean’s Envy. Blending the aggression of punk and hardcore, the shine of pop-punk, the hooks of pop, and the trap sounds of modern pop, Statement Piece is absolutely polarizing, you may love it, you may hate it. The music video was shot partially at the […]

J.T. Hiskey Shows Off His Country Side With New Single ‘Lets Ride’

J.T. Hiskey is back to show off his brand new country style with a new music video for his song Lets Ride. Hiskey, who is a musician born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah is back with a new style that no one has seen before. With a brand new mixture of both country […]

Lou Anthony Steps ‘Outside’ in New Summer Time Anthem

Summer time might be the most celebrated season of humankind and Philadelphia’s Lou Anthony is undoubtedly making his effort to contribute to the vibes of the months-long festivities this year. His newest single, “Outside,” from his upcoming second studio album is a cross-genre between Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop, and is almost sure to have fans […]

PLZ – “Big Sh*t” (Official Music Video) / Shot by THE REEL HUSTLE

PLZ (PromisedLandZion) is an up-and-coming trap/drill artist from Sioux Falls, SD. Together with producer/DJ KiaHood, they form the power duo and CEO team of LxS. Records. With an energetic live show and an emphasis on their disdain for the government/American system, PLZ and KiaHood seek to reignite the same type of movement seen before with […]