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“I grew up in hip hop and have a genuine love for the culture itself. I remember the days when it was pure and unsaturated. However corrupt companies have marketed hip hop in way that saddens us every day. From watching TV, listening to the radio, constantly being bombarded with images that are untrue about the hip hop culture with various unethical marketing gimmicks.” “I’m not mad at the individuals or their particular hustle. It is not in our nature to hate; however when a culture that is so close to us is exploited the way it has been and with its constant growth we can’t help but feel pain. The days of young and mature people being able to vibe to rap together are long gone and have been replaced with saturated images.”

Mississippi’s Best-Kept Secret!!

Bryant Williams, who dons the moniker Brian Grind, is street bred; a person who grew up in the hardened streets of Mississippi, flirting with danger on a number of occasions, his experiences in the streets characterize his masterful flows and rhymes as he comes armed with a repertoire of street wisdom, which he swiftly and […]

Introducing ‘Times Sq’

“Introducing ‘Times Sq’ – the latest track from Niko Nota, a talented New York City-based producer and audio engineer and the founder of the independent label, Acid Funk. Inspired by his surroundings growing up in the urban landscape of NYC, North Jersey, and Philly, ‘Times Sq’ is a mesmerizing urban hip-hop track that captures the […]

Savarre presents: Unbeautiful.

“Unbeautiful” is a single by avant-garde group Savarre, which appeals to listeners seeking a more daring and one-of-a-kind musical experience. The intuitiveness of the arrangement and the layered production style of the song creates a very peculiar, cinematic, minimalistic atmosphere, creating a stunning contrast. The New York-based group, led by songwriter Shannon Denise Evans, managed […]

Allow Us To Introduce… James Roan

Every 5-10 years there’s a new emerging artist that breaks all boundaries and captivates all audiences. Every generation has those 2-3 individuals that you know for sure will take over the genre for years to come. With what they bring to the table it’s evident they will become legends. Some examples of those are names […]


Q. The first time you were featured in Vintage Media Group, you were in a group called Hoolie Pack, what’s going on with you and the group? A. I am the founder of the brand Hoolipack & I’m the leader of the music collective. I’m currently doing my own thing. Pushing out new music & […]

Believing in love and life again through her music.

Springfield Massachusetts woman a mother of four is a recording artist with her new single called Forever Feat superstar Lamar and a published author of her new book coming out called “Breathe”. Entrepreneur Linda Washington is launching her new talk show called. Linda Washington has been very vocal about her experience after breast cancer. How […]

Dead Hendrix and Yungcudii’s New Single Mustang

Dead Hendrix and Yungcudii recently dropped their highly anticipated single “Mustang” on March 31st, 2023. The track features a captivating and thrilling blend of street rap and punk fusion.  As the two artists have been making waves in their respective genres, their collaboration in “Mustang” has produced a refreshing and distinctive sound that showcases their […]

Luh TJ is a rising artist from Huntsville, AL, and labels are already working with him.

His recent album “Mason” has been dropped 2 months ago and has over 18,000 streams already. He’s also a YouTuber and has gained 1,74k subscribers and 394,000 views. His streams are increasing rapidly every week. This artist also creates his own album covers, and promotion videos, he’s also produced beats but hasn’t done it in […]

Kaotic gives the people what they want with his new album “Do Or Die”

Kaotic released his newest album ” Do or Die” on March 17th! With features from Merkules, Kye Kaszett, Ryan Palma, Illustrious, B. Lyrical, J.G., Vash da Stampede, and Marisa Carpio. The project was completely mixed and mastered by Ryan Palma at Redwall Studio in Fremont California. Production was done by multiple producers such as Trunxks, […]

Lou Anthony Shoots Shot at Kehlani & Zendaya in ‘Girls From The Bay’

Oakland, CA — The Philly rapper is known to be quite humble and genuine, but he showed how bold he can be when he name-dropped two Oakland natives in his new song “Girls From The Bay.” Lou Anthony is a proven fanboy of pop superstar and original Oaklander Kehlani, as seen in years past admiring […]