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“I grew up in hip hop and have a genuine love for the culture itself. I remember the days when it was pure and unsaturated. However corrupt companies have marketed hip hop in way that saddens us every day. From watching TV, listening to the radio, constantly being bombarded with images that are untrue about the hip hop culture with various unethical marketing gimmicks.” “I’m not mad at the individuals or their particular hustle. It is not in our nature to hate; however when a culture that is so close to us is exploited the way it has been and with its constant growth we can’t help but feel pain. The days of young and mature people being able to vibe to rap together are long gone and have been replaced with saturated images.”

QcSho Returns with new Visual For “Gang”

Birmingham based hip hop artist QcSho dropped a visual for his track “Gang”. The video made its debut on the popular youtube channel Mixtape Madness. The track has already racked up thousands of views and streams across all different platforms. The track was produced by Chris Rich, and features heavy 808s, a groovy flute, all […]

Travis Shyn Releases HipPop Single “NUMB”

Travis Shyn, an artist based out of DC Metro has recently released NUMB his precursor to his first album set to release New Years 2021. Social Network Links. IG – @travis.shyn Twitter @travisshyn Location DC Metro Related posts: DREMON RELEASES NEW MUSIC VIDEO ​“NO EXAGGERATION” CAPTURING 90’S INSPIRED ANIME FEEL. Introducing P A S $ […]

Troy Remedy (Feat. Bizzy Bone) – Gratitude

New single by Texas Hip Hop artist, Troy Remedy conveys genuine Gratitude DALLAS, TX – Troy Remedy is a thoughtful musician who pours his heart and soul into creating music while he pursues peace of mind. Helping him to escape uncomfortable situations, music has been Troy’s therapy for as long as he can remember. “As […]

Does This 15 Year Old Singer/Songwriter Have A Chance?

From his small but growing fan following, this 15 years old named Tanner Massey is trying to break out into a world ruled by adult singers. What chance does this kid have? Based on his covers and his recently released original called ‘I Promise’, he might be someone who will have to fight for the […]


DREMON RELEASES NEW MUSIC VIDEO “NO EXAGGERATION” CAPTURING 90’S INSPIRED ANIME FEEL DREMON’S UPCOMING ALBUM IS SET TO BE RELEASED MAY 28th, 2020. May 28, 2020 (Albuquerque, NM) – Rising Albuquerque based hip hop artist, Dremon, has released his Neo Tokyo inspired, animated music video for his new single, “No Exaggeration”. The video is a […]

Angelo Devinci’s “Born Star” album is on the way

Angelo Devinci is a singer-songwriter & producer from Detroit, Michigan. His music career started when he was 18 when he almost didn’t graduate high school. He picked up music as a stress reliever. At 23 his 2nd album following the “Dior Don” album “Born Star” is set to drop in the middle of July 2020. […]

Introducing P A S $ I O N And His Debut Single “Questions”

P A S $ I O N is a singer and songwriter based in London, UK. Recently, he announced the release of his very first song, “Questions.” This track features influences ranging from contemporary rap and old-school hip-hop, going for a melodic style that still retains a lot of energy. The song sports a darker, […]

Dolo Tonight – Zoom

Dolo Tonight, the New Jersey rapper who charted Spotify’s Top 100 Artists with his first release, 2019 breakout hit “Too High,” dropped his brand new single. The fittingly titled Zoom is a blast to listen to, with catchy lyrics and oversight from the infamous Michael Ashby, 2019 Grammy winner for “Best Rap Album”. Guests on […]

THE RONA – Tha Vegas Don

“The Rona,” (Slang for the coronavirus) was co-written and performed by Tha Vegas Don. The song is part of a public awareness campaign to highlight the disproportionate impact of COVID19 in African American communities. The song sounds the alarm that COVID19 infections can be a matter of life and death for African Americans. Our message […]

Camisha Jackson’s Debut Song Captures The Emotions Of Rejection

In Camisha Jackson’s debut song, Flash, she wanted to capture the emotions of being rejected. The single is a nod to Destiny’s Child, “Independent Women,” as it expresses both the female and male perspective. This gives the song a refreshing taste, as it empowers women of all ages, and lets them know they have the […]