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Float Again By Travis Michael

Travis Michael, raised in Pensacola, Florida, has had a career that is multifaceted. From music artist to photographer, videographer, director, producer, engineer, and songwriter. Travis served 10 years in the United States Army and is an Afghanistan War veteran. His first experience with music came from a CD he took to school from his brother […]

The Anthem to Ignite Change in 2024 – Forward Farther Faster

Created by Justin and sparked by the vision of his 11-year-old son, “Forward Farther Faster” is a testament to pushing boundaries and seeing no limits. Inspired by the diverse community of Rochester and the golden era of 90s rap and hip-hop, this track was brought to life by the incredible talent of Jason from the […]

New Music: Azoe and Mk Menace – Solar Wars Volume 1

Tell me why this Runnin track by Azoe and MkMenace go crazy! It got an echo sound happenin but it don’t take away from the rhymes at all! Go check out Solar Wars Immediately and see what you think. If I’m lying then tell me that but nah you are gonna see whats good with […]