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Tyrell Butler is about to drop something “Different” !

Tyrell Butler, who hails from Sarasota, FL, is a very special and talented singer who has dealt with a myriad of health issues which has led to him becoming legally blind. And through it all he not only sings but he plays the piano and various other instruments in all of his songs as well. […]

Knotice1k Ft. LaFreeLove – Tease Me

Had to switch it up on this one.. Tease Me Is Whatever you want it to be. Summer jam, Club Joint , Stripper bop, it’s all in one completely filled with vibes and melodies. Let the good summer vibes BEGIN ! Knotice1k Ft. LaFreeLove – Tease Me VMG Editors Rating Social Network Links. https://www.instagram.com/knotice1k/?hl=en Location […]

“Flying Like a Dove” EP By Jdaflame

Dope New EP From Tampa’s Own Jdaflame Titled “Flying Like a Dove” The Debut EP Was Fully Produced And Self Written By Jdaflame. Check Out The DOPE New EP And Tell Us What You Think. Social Network Links. Jdaflame Twitter : https://twitter.com/jdaflame?lang=en Jdaflame Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Jdaflame Jdaflame Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jdaflame/?hl=en Location Tampa, Fl No related posts.

Coty Martez – Atrocity

Rising Artist Coty Martez Drops new Hip Hop – R&B Single “Atrocity” Shedding Light on the Killing of Innocent People due to Police Brutality No topic is closer to more American hearts and minds today than police brutality and racism. Coty Martez tackles this emotionally-charged environment in an honest and moving way with his new […]

YoursTru Bigga – Groundhog Day

YoursTru Bigga considers himself to be a student of the game, having spent years as a fan of artists from various locales, and the end result is a hip-hop melting pot. He believes that the strength of an artist lies in the ability to take the ordinary things around you and create something extraordinary. Just […]

Melodic | Don Drago | Frankiano – Imagine

Melodic, Don Drago and Frankiano team up to release (Imagine) one of the most influential songs to ever come out of Florida. Imagine is a song that is meant to inspire and relate to people who have ever had to deal with adversity in life. It talks about the challenges of being raised without one […]

Jalen McMillan (Rapper) VMG’s Top 10 Songs

We get a lot of music sent to us everyday, and with so much music it’s tends to get a little difficult to filter. But with the Tallahassee talent  “Jalen McMillan” requested that we give you our top ten songs from Jalen. We gladly accepted the challenge, and wanted to post and show you our […]

MrWalkinLick – Splashing On Purpose

MrWalkinLick better known by his stage names MrWalkinLick, KING or K.I., is an African American rapper from Miami, Florida. After the release of his song “Splashing On Purpose”, in October 2019, MrWalkinLick became a viral internet meme and consequently, an internet sensation due to his unique style of rapping. MrWalkinLick was born in Miami, Florida. […]

K’NO – New Upcoming Hip Hop Artist

Why they always fuckin’ with me? No, I don’t give a fuck ‘bout One Time!” Since the reign of T-Pain, the city of Tallahassee has been starved of a star. Places such as Broward County and Miami have been the focus-point of Florida Hip-Hop for years now, leaving T-Town silently in the shadows. That is […]

Jai Jin – Drippy

JAIJIN Life on the streets alone is hard, especially when you can’t go home because your family stifles your creativity thinking that it is evil. I might have stopped most people, but not Janice Hamil, AKA Jaijin was born in Jamaica Music was always her life. Singing and dancing was her main focus in school. […]