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Jai Jin – Drippy


Life on the streets alone is hard, especially when you can’t go home because your family stifles your creativity thinking that it is evil. I might have stopped most people, but not Janice Hamil, AKA Jaijin was born in Jamaica Music was always her life. Singing and dancing was her main focus in school. In fact, it was her favorite classes she fell in love with hip hop at age 10, listening to Biggie, 2Pac, Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige, and EVE in which was her favorite artist. Eve became her idol. She started rapping a year later and it came very natural to her. She used cassette tapes and would record herself over and over until it was perfect. She ran away from home at age 15 because of her religious family. At age 15, she did her first demo and has been bringing the heat ever since.

By age 20 she was in full bloom and starting off her career. She has performed at M15 (NY), 5 Spot (NY), Club Pyramid (NY), Entertainers Lounge (NY), Remote Lounge (NY), China Club (NY), Club Illusions (NY), Elegant Hoodness (NY), Pipeline (Miami), Colunetfest (Miami),The Office (Miami), KOD (Miami) and a list of other venues. She has write-ups and interviews in Nan TV with AD DA GENERAL, VIDEOCITY TV Doug, Plug U Showcase with Big Cal, City Strife Movement Jaijin has recorded duets with Quest Haven of Slam Jam Records (Chuck D’s of Public Enemy Label), SHE WAS FEATURE IN 2008 IN THE SOURCE UNSIGNED HYPE NEXT TO BLOW AS A FEMALE RAPPER. SHE HAS PERFORMED EVERYWHERE AND SHE IS READY AND WILLING TO KEEP FOCUS.

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Instagram: @iamjaijin
Twitter: @iamjaijin

Check her music out on http://www.reverbnation.com/jaijin


Miami, FL

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