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Coty Martez – Atrocity

Coty Martez – Atrocity

Rising Artist Coty Martez Drops new Hip Hop – R&B Single “Atrocity” Shedding Light on the Killing of Innocent People due to Police Brutality

No topic is closer to more American hearts and minds today than police brutality and racism. Coty Martez tackles this emotionally-charged environment in an honest and moving way with his new single “Atrocity”.


Miami, FL (PRUnderground) September 22nd, 2020

Miami-based R&B, hip hop vocalist, songwriter, and performer Coty Martez is known for delivering songs that are high and energy, infectious hits. He recently announced the release of his latest single “Atrocity” which shows in addition to creating exciting music that engages, Coty is also socially conscious and sincerely cares for the communities he comes from, along with people everywhere. “Atrocity” deals with a subject that has America inflamed in a way that is honest and comes straight from the heart. The new single sheds light on the killings of innocent people as a result of police brutality and racism, while also not stopping from giving honor to the good officers every day. Coty calls for people from around the world to wake up and stand for justice despite race in “Atrocity” and it is a message that needs to be heard.

“Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and dream,” commented the artist. “But then open your eyes and see it always seem impossible until it’s done. When more people adopt this belief we can really help solve many of our problems today. I try to make that clear in my new release.”

In addition to being a recording artist and performer, the multifaceted star is CEO of Dream Starr Music Group.

The new single, which showcases Coty’s powerful vocals and eye-opening lyricism are available on all major platforms including Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music / iTunes.

Show support for justice and check out “Atrocity” today.

For more information on Coty Martez visit https://cotymartez.com.

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Miami, FL

About Coty Martez

Having held a deep connection with music since the age of seven years old, Coty Martez carries with him a warm, authentic, and inviting sound within each song he sings.
When he isn’t busy perfecting his signature style, fans can find Coty Martez running the well-known record label, Dream Starr Music Group. Within every aspect of his life, Coty Martez finds a way to incorporate his true love and dedication for music and share it with those around him. He is an artist to pay close attention to as he continues to grow his career and capture the attention of audiences from around the world.


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