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Melodic | Don Drago | Frankiano – Imagine

Melodic | Don Drago | Frankiano – Imagine

Melodic, Don Drago and Frankiano team up to release (Imagine) one of the most influential songs to ever come out of Florida.

Imagine is a song that is meant to inspire and relate to people who have ever had to deal with adversity in life. It talks about the challenges of being raised without one or more of your parents and coming from less than fortunate circumstances. It also talks about rising above those circumstances and going after a dream that no one else can see but you, and overcoming the odds. This song is a breathe of fresh air and resembles a familiar global sound similar to what we have seen by Macklemore, The Black Eyed Peas, and Outkast. Imagine is a song that will have you replay it again and again it is a combination of powerful harmonic vocals and new wave melodic rapping, that sounds magnetizing to the ear. Imagine explores the idea and possibilities of living in a world without limitation and where anything is possible and is a true Inspiration to all who hear it.

Additional Media:  http://smarturl.it/streamimagine


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