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DJ Jody JaXn x SPKilla Brings Everyone Back To The Dance Floor!!! #tootdatbootyup

DJ Jody JaXn is a producer out of Atlanta, GA. He has strong family and musical roots in Queens NY, and Holland. In an era of sections, and camera phones. He’s all about bringing people back to the dance floors!!! DJ Jody JaXn released a brand new Record entitled “tootdatbootyup” Highly energetic and has a […]

King Mushu, The Fire Spitting Dragon

Tony Anhtuan “King Mushu” Mai is of African American and Asian descent. He is thefounder and CEO of Under Ground Paradise Records where he contributes as an artist aswell as director for his own personal ambitions while also helping other artists pursue theirdreams. He was born on May 30th, 1991 in Vancouver, MA. Born under […]

Dave Skillz is JUICIN UP!

With the recent release of “5 Nights Of Juicin”, rising ATL rap star Dave Skillz is generating momentum with his unique style of melodic vocals, in-fuzed with catchy hooks and dapper wordplay in which you’ll find throughout verses up and down the project. He calls the style “JUICIN”! Skillz has been on go mode since […]

Agnative releases Adversity

Agnative is an emerging rap artist with the drive and determination to rise in the world of hip hop. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s only natural that his sound and style reflect his southern roots. But his latest project, “Adversity” also tells story of his struggle –all wrapped up in trap music’s complex […]

Morelifedad and Daily Mumble giving Atlanta creatives a home. Hear how the Media Company important work continues

Tonian Brown, better known by his stage name Morelifedad, is an American rapper, record executive, entrepreneur, and owner of Daily Mumble Media. Morelifedad discovered Rylo Rodriguez in the earlier stage of his career. While connecting with rappers like Future(rapper), Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk. Morelifedad made a successful landmark in the music industry. […]


HarmonyChicago has a broad range of vocal ability and a portfolio of passionate performances; often likened to Fantasia Barrino. Performing on Chicago transit platforms for small donations; she sang popular music typically performed by Whitney Huston, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Chaka khan and many other well-known artists. This experience helped to develop HarmoneyChicago’s unique sound […]

Have You Heard Of Spliffy Mars?

Probably one the most recent flamboyant artists coming out in 2020, Spliffy Mars drops a new single entitled “No Stylist” off of his upcoming project “hey,mars?”. After dropping his recent single “Mood” that gained over 80,000 views on all platforms and even gained attention from Lil Uzi Vert’s fan base the underground superstar continues to […]

The Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Everyone will be Talking About

SSG Joker is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. The Trap Music Artist attributes his hometown as a major influence on his music career. Born in California in 2000, SSG Joker grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.SSG Joker began releasing his music to Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube Music in 2018. In 2019 SSG Joker released […]

TazForte – Home team

TAZ FORTE is an up and coming hip-hop/rap artist from Atlanta. Perhaps the freshest artist coming out of the mix, TAZ FORTE has the energy and the style to make huge waves in the music industry over the next few years! Even though his city has become synonymous with the East Coast Trap movement, TAZ […]

Josh Waters – Deserve

Josh Waters Releases a 4 pack of singles. (Atlanta, Georgia – Sept 2020) Josh Waters, releases his latest 4 singles entitled “Cater to you”, “Don’t Go”, “Been Like”, and “Deserve”. Josh is one of the most important torchbearers for the new wave of RnB. He recently surfaced from a year-long Artist Development Residence program in […]