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Dave Skillz is JUICIN UP!

Dave Skillz is JUICIN UP!

With the recent release of “5 Nights Of Juicin”, rising ATL rap star Dave Skillz is generating momentum with his unique style of melodic vocals, in-fuzed with catchy hooks and dapper wordplay in which you’ll find throughout verses up and down the project. He calls the style “JUICIN”! Skillz has been on go mode since the “JUICIN THRU THE CITY TOUR”, the releasing of the album Juicin Thru The City and fast forward to 2021 with “5 Nights Of Juicin”. He garnered ample attention with cool vibe tracks like “Moonrock In My Tubesock” featuring YBA Coop. Dave Skillz delivered on this 5 track piece. Nonetheless, Dave Skillz and his team put on a great campaign leading up to the release of the EP, and it is definitely JUICIN!

Additional Media: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/daveskillz/5-nights-of-juicin

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Atlanta, GA

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