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Young Thug Claps Back At People Questioning His Sexuality

Young Thug is sick of haters calling him gay. When you’re into fashion as much as Young Thug or Lil Uzi Vert, there are bound to be a few people questioning your sexuality. The way society currently functions, an adventurous sense of style equates homosexuality in the minds of many, leaving some afraid to explore the depths of their […]

Boris Jelic Is All About GAY-HIPHOP

Boris Jelic is a real rebel in the music industry. Not afraid to push the boundaries and get to provocative, to make people think and feel certain ways of things they never would. His new single ”Freedom” is a celebration for the LGBTQ+ community but with a dark unexpected twist, just like his life. Boris […]

Bobby Brando | Gay? Bi?

No one is exactly sure with this new hip hop artist who happens to be creating a buzz fairly fast. Bobby Brando is a new hip hip artists who just popped on the scene after his last EP Shade Vol. 1 released on Soundcloud. Based on his social media everyone thought Bobby Brando was just […]

Openly Gay Rapper Fly Young Red Signed To YMCMB

Openly gay rapper Fly Young Red has never been one to be bashful about his sexuality. Even on the heels of his infamous internet smash “Throw That Boy P***y”, the news of his signing is sure to send shockwaves throughout the entertainment world. With such blatantly vulgar and homosexually charged lyrics, an industry power-move such […]

Magic Johnson’s Son Comes Out; Magic Reacts

Magic Johnson’s son EJ has officially come out of the closet, and Magic fully supports the decision. He sat down for a 3 part interview, and spoke about how they had the conversation, how he feels about the hateful reactions to the news and how his coming out could inspire other professional athletes to come […]

Stevie J And Lil Wayne Kissing?

There is a old saying that says ” Seeing is believing.” Well some are in disbelief and others are just plain in agreement with the rumor that Lil Wayne’s thug passion is not just for  the ladies after a video surfaced of Lil Wayne and another man that resembled  “Love and Hip Hop” star Stevie […]

Former Mobb Deep Member Ferg Brim Says Prodigy Is Gay

Ferg Brim was once a part of the Mobb Deep crew, but ended up doing a pretty lengthy bid in prison right as they started achieving success. Now he’s out, and apparently coming for revenge. In a new interview, he claims Havoc caught Prodigy sending gay love letters to men in jail. Sounds kind of […]

Frank Ocean His Music,Sexuallity, & Channel Orange

Odd Future affiliate Frank Ocean has made a huge splash with his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, and has gained a huge set of followers in the process. The young R&B singer is currently promoting his debut LP, Channel Orange, in the UK and according to one of the reviews on the album via Max/BBC 1 Xtra‘s, […]