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JimEMacLive Talks Music With VMG

JimEMacLive Talks Music With VMG

1. Break down your style of music and your sound?

I don’t know if it’s easy to breakdown my style of music because I
feel like I’m one of a kind so I really don’t have too many ppl to
compare it to if you ask me

2. How has the environment you grew up in affect the style of music
that you create?

My environment growing up was crazy raised by a single mother in a
ruff and crazy neighborhood on the west side of Indianapolis I was
introduced to a lot of things I didn’t have any business knowing about
at a young age. I soaked it up like a sponge in dishwasher and it all
came out in my music

3. The song for “Choose” is a game changer. Break down how the song
came about and where did you record the song at?

Shout out to big beats for coming up with such an iconic banger first
and foremost. But idk how it came about as soon as I heard the beat I
had the chorus in like 5 minutes I normally come up with my verses
right there in the studio shout out to Montae Clark for that cold mix
though too. But once I had my part done I hit AP to get Ralo on it
when he heard that thing he was like sheeeeeeid the bop bop it was on

4. If you were to do a remix to “Choose”, what mainstream artist would
you put on the record and why?

Honestly I think the song is perfect the way not too many ppl can fit
in that pocket like we did but if I had to CHOOSE I’d say E40 snoop
dogg or too short. Because they know what the song is based off of and
they’ll fit in the pocket of the record

5. What drives you to be great at what you do?

I’ve always felt like if I’m going to do something I’m going to be one
of the best to ever do it. It’s been that way since I can remember. A
lot of times greatness can be hated by your peers

6. Any new music or movies dropping 2024?

 The next album is pretty much complete. I just have some finishing
touches to add to it. I have a few things in the works as far as films
go. I have a script I wrote that I’ll be producing soon

7. How can people keep up with you?

@JimEMacLIVE on all platforms

JimEMacLive feat. Ralo tha Pimp – Choose ℗

Ralo tha Pimp



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