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Trippy Tahe just dropped after 5 years!!

Trippy Tahe just dropped after 5 years!!

Trippy Tahe finally dropped a single after 5 years of retirement, he took a mental break and came back better than ever in this new single he talks about how everything isn’t as good or cool then people think it is. He comes to you with this new track with a new cadence, flow, and delivery.

1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music?

My family and girlfriend and seeing all my youngins doing they thing and succeeding with the music motivate me to go harder and the passion I have for music.

2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

When I think of Vintage Media Group I think of a platform for others to express their needs and vibe for music.

3) Being that you are from Crease, what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you title your style of music?

The state of hip hop there now is more of melodic trap music mostly I would say inspired from PNB Rock and others and I would say my style of music is more melodic but also trap music where is though people normally have 2 moods a vibe and kind of understanding but also a turn-up type of vibe.

4) With your most recent music single “What It Seems” is Crazy NICE, I Really Like It… can you give us some details on how you came up with that song?

Yes so with my new single “What It Seems” I kind of capture the essence of you can’t really see what that life or whatever you wanna do in life comes with, just like with school for example. School seems nice but do you know what comes with that lifestyle doing 70 hour work weeks and lots of homework and reading.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

All my fans and supporters can catch me on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook by just searching Trippy Tahe. 

https://twitter.com/trippytahe?lang=en , 



6) Who are some of your influences?

Some of my influences are Lil Wayne, Nas, Biggie, Kur, and everyone in the city whos really coming up and making something with this music.

7) Any Last Remarks?

Nope just check me out on Instagram and Spotify and apple music and love all of yall and to be safe out there.


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