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Comatose Red Ivy – THOTS CALL SHOTS

Comatose Red Ivy – THOTS CALL SHOTS

Artist: Comatose Red Ivy (Red-headed transgender dead living zombie bytch)

Multi-genre Voice Actor, Writer, Singer, Rapper, and Singer. No auto-tunes needed, over 900 voices and 3 personalities.

About that life transgender thot calling shots making the bytches her bytch; you know, simple bytches that run the autotunes game, like ET looking ICEE Bytch, and that Candy Man Melt in Your Mouth Man, yeah they got clout, likes and Benzos, but no bars and barely even rappers compared to this writer for real though. Sound of LA, trash old school auto-tuned can’t carry tunes, make music for money type dudes, the new sound coming from Cincinnati is making music for hearts unlike those LA restarts, yeah we restart the music industry. . . Comatose Red Ivy

Check Out The Single HERE: https://www.reverbnation.com/cyanidequeenivy/song/32885551-thot-call-shots

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Cincinnati, Ohio


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