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Free The State

We live in unprecedented times, and I ask myself how far am I willing to go, how much am I willing to give for the price of freedom. I look to the Giants of the past to help me make my decision. “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we […]

Kxng KO’s Shameless Plugs X (Uncut Gems)

“Shameless Plugs X” is an ep with an Original and Diverse sound. Kxng KO seems to approach music with a southpaw style delivery. His beat selection and content choices seem extremely unorthodox. Even his song structure is different. Songs like “Baking Bread X” have one chorus and one verse. Who does this guy think he […]

Yona Marie – Take Me Too The Moon

“Take Me To The Moon” is the latest single from singer, writer, and producer Yona Marie. Her character in this playful track considers multiple devious approaches that will increase her net worth at the expense of the well-connected yet unfortunate gentleman she’s attempting to court. Combining familiar 90s and early 2000s R&B vibes with sassy […]

Rising Star Cello Releases Break Out Hit ‘Flashes’

New York hip-hop artist, Cello, carefully curates his music style to convey his personality. Known for his heavily auto-tuned, melodic rapped vocals, he is propelling himself into becoming a mainstream artist. Through his unique blend of music, Cello aims to create songs that fit any mood. The buildup to Cello’s recognizable talent finally hit with […]

TGC Johnny Stone Releases New Music Video “Captain Save A Hoe”

TGC Johnny Stone Releases New Music Video “Captain Save A Hoe” In Hopes To Educate The Minds Of Simps And Helping Them Realize How Much Power They Are Giving Away To Non-Deserving, Desperate and Evil Women. TGC Johnny Stone releases a very bold, self-explanatory music video titled “Captain Save A Hoe”. TGC, with insane flow […]

The Comeback KID Is Here

Tony Dapro is looking to take a presence and show you his comeback game is STRONG. The LA native is hitting us with another EP banger which the title for the project makes perfect sense. The Comeback is currently making some noise in the industry They need some visuals which are highly anticipated as well. […]

Why Lil Ugly Sister XXX stands out amongst the crowd with his debut album “Kawaii or Die”

Lil ugly sister xxx has just released his debut album “Kawaii or Die”. With the first track “Throw That Ass if You Sad Baby” we get a sense of sister’s boyish and playful ways in his music. The track opens up with a dance vibe and a female vocalist singing “my heart is beating slow” […]

Charles Hussle – Johnny Wick

One of the hottest rising artists out of Pittsburgh, Charles Hussle’s upcoming EP, “Johnny Wick,” is sure to cement his place as the city’s best. Mixed and mastered by Konscious Kel, the five-song project ranges from melodic hooks and addicting chorus’ to his signature punch lines and grimey rhyme schemes. Featuring beats from Wali, Jermaine […]

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The “Six Elements of the Hip Hop Movement” are Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness, and Community Awareness in music. CHECK OUT OUR “PLAYLISTS”: Hip Hop Worldwide, Underground hip hop, Live Music, DJ Sets, Mixtapes, Roots of hip hop, documentaries, and more… Reggae, afrobeat & the sounds of the 60s and […]

Rap freshman, GeeRrr FoevaEast, narrates his life track by track in his freshman album titled “Dope boi Summers Vol. 1″

East Denver native hip-hop artist/ songwriter GeeRrr FoevaEast has been making a name for himself state to state with his powerhouse songs, foolproof branding, and innate stage presence. His highly anticipated freshman album, “Dope Boi Summers” is set to release on August 30th, 2021. His ability to lay out a song verse by verse and […]