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Arush Dayal – The Triple Threat

With a career spanning acting, singing, and writing, Arush Dayal is a triple threat. Originally hailing from India, Arush has seen a wide swath of the globe on his quest to hone his craft. He has studied at prestigious acting programs across the world including the Acting Program at the International Academy of Film and […]

Ellinor Taflin Making Sweden Proud!

ELLINOR TAFLIN MAKING SWEDEN PROUD! The Swedes are coming! The Swedes are coming! Yes, the Swedes are already here and her name is Ellinor Taflin. She’s actually been here for a while and you would never imagine that she is from that wonderful northern country with the pretty blue and yellow flag. It’s not that […]

‘When it Passes’ Actor Kieran Biggs

‘When it Passes’ actor Kieran Biggs I just watched a great little film called, When it Passes. I was looking at the Irish actor Kieran Biggs’ CV when I searched the Internet for one of the films he was in and found it right away. It was directed by Zari Raymond and starred Kieran and […]

The Unexpected Quaintness of Aliens Review

06 May 2016 Daniel Rands’ short drama The Unexpected Quaintness of Aliens is at both times real and illusory, shining a light on the simple yet complex loyalties when it comes to family, our need for connection, and the importance of escape. In 14 minutes, the story follows expecting couple David (Rob Blackwood) and Lilly […]

An Interview With Ursula Maria

An Interview With Ursula Maria We recently spoke to the beautiful and talented Austrian actress Ursula Maria about her endeavors and upcoming projects in LA. 2016 looks to be an exciting year for her and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Here is what Ursula had to say: Hi Ursula, since we last […]

Actress Rochelle Neil Turning Heads Everywhere She Goes

Actress Rochelle Neil Turning Heads Everywhere She Goes Introducing Rochelle Neil! We first caught up with the British starlet at this years Triforce Short Film Festival, held at BAFTA in London. Triforce, founded by Jimmy Akingbola (CW’s Arrow) and Fraser Ayres (Adulthood), has proven to be a great platform for independent filmmakers and this year […]

Proving That Hard Work Pays Off, Actor David Castleford

PROVING THAT HARD WORK PAYS OFF, ACTOR DAVID CASTLEFORD “You have to prove yourself in the arena,” says David Castleford. He, of course, means the acting arena and the arena of theatre and film work. He knows what he’s talking about, too, he’s had to prove himself in the arena over and over. His other […]

Girls Like Magic Star – Geordie Robinson

GIRLS LIKE MAGIC STAR – GEORDIE ROBINSON Once in a while you can catch Geordie Robinson surfing at one of Los Angeles’ great beaches, but chances are he’s a bit too busy for that kind of recreation right now. Since recently moving to Hollywood he has been too involved with his acting career to smell […]

In Spotlight Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin is an extremely charming American actress and a highly talented singer. She has been around the spotlight since she was three years old as she acted for a commercial while her career began in 2002 when she posed in front of the camera as Mel Gibson’s daughter in Signs (2002). Breslin is a […]