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Drew Kirchoff – Blood In The Skin

Just like all artists. Every composition can simply be determined by inputs and outputs. The more unique, strange, and honest inputs you take in, the more genuineness you are able to put out on your tracks. My whole life I have had this pent-up energy that wanted to exert my creative force on the world. […]

Buu Baby IV – Love Yourself (VMG Exclusive)

He’s HERE… The newest single from the Ohio native states he loves teaching people the key to get by love who you truly are. VMG had a moment to sit down with Buu Baby IV and talk about the latest single and also review the summer hit.   1) What keeps you motivated when it […]

The Best Setup for Your Online Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar can be an intriguing and enjoyable experience. It can also be a stressful ordeal unless you have the right set up and equipment at home. Now, three vital elements must in place in order to enhance and facilitate the guitar-learning process. They are: A guitar Audio and video-enabled device A […]

The Magical Effects Of Musical Training On Our Brains

Did you know musicians experience fireworks in their brains every time they pick up their instruments? On the contrary, they may look calm and composed on the outside, but inside, there’s a matinee show going on.   Evidently, in recent years neuroscience has made several breakthroughs that show how our brain responds to different stimuli. […]


Upcoming Music Producer Rykeis Beats Aka Rockstar Vuitton joined forces with upcoming Houston Natives Escollaiya and Bla’ze who gave birth to a new worldwide rockstar anthem entitled: “Woo Woo”. Born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Houston Tx, Escollaiya has the best of both worlds. Balanced parts, alternative R&B mixed with Trap, this Houston […]


BLACK FIST: The single sits at a smooth 89bpm and lasts four minutes and twenty-nine seconds. Commencing with a twenty-two-second instrumental introduction, ‘Black Fist’ has a jazz-like flow that predominantly utilizes a steady beat, layered piano, and a subtle vocalized harmony line. The rap commences at the 0:22 mark with NatStar choosing to project a […]

Chefboy JB aka Jasper Balom – Self Educate

Jasper Balom also is known as “Chefboy JB” won’t stop dropping knowledge bombs in 2020. Chefboy JB drops knowledge to all the knowledge seekers worldwide.  In April he dropped his new spoken word single “Self-educate”, and he is getting ready to drop his next knowledge bomb named “Depressed Black man’. Chefboy JB stays cooking and […]

Jen Strogatz Launches Interactive Media Site and Introduces New Show philaLIVE

Gig Photographer and Music Industry Professional Jen Strogatz Launches Interactive Media Site and Introduces New Show philaLIVE Featuring Guest Artists. Jen Strogatz is a Philadelphia based photographer/videographer who specializes in music and live concert photography. She has had the pleasure of taking photographs of some of the biggest names in rap, such as Lil Wayne, […]

Is L. S. Zeickner the Nigerian Jeff Buckley?

Jasper’s Riddle’s skill as a multi instrumentalist is astonishing in its own right, but what truly marks him as an icon in the making is his shapeshifting voice. Nearly a year after the release of his first single, The River, Jasper’s Riddle (who’s real name is often shortened to L. S. Zeickner) has undoubtedly become […]

Curry Spicer “In My Heart” . (New single OUT NOW)🔥#stream&enjoy

Music & Me, the highly anticipate new single from the mic chyker @curry_spicer is out tittle “in my heart” . An Afro music artist with a sensational tune that will light your mood any day and anytime. The Afro music artist currently working on his album #thecookoutAlbum . His new single making wave all over […]