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Charles Hussle – Johnny Wick

Charles Hussle – Johnny Wick

One of the hottest rising artists out of Pittsburgh, Charles Hussle’s upcoming EP, “Johnny Wick,” is sure to cement his place as the city’s best. Mixed and mastered by Konscious Kel, the five-song project ranges from melodic hooks and addicting chorus’ to his signature punch lines and grimey rhyme schemes. Featuring beats from Wali, Jermaine X, and Epik the Dawn, the sounds please any palate. Set to debut October 1st, Hussle latest drop isn’t set to disappoint

Expanding on his success from his debut project,” My Gift To You,” Hussle doesn’t deviate from his loyalty to truthfulness and raw reality. With lyrics cutting deep into his personal life and upbringing on State Street in Geneva, New York, “Johnny Wick” offers a personalized recreation of Hussle’s youth from his perspective as an adult.

“Back in the City” is reminiscent of those very sentiments as he details adventures back to his hometown in Upstate New York. Whether about his local pizza shop, his penny-pinching barber, or relationships with cracked-out ex’s, Hussle voices his observations of how the city has changed before his very eyes. A bit of urban nostalgia if there is any.

The EP’s closing track, “Today,” featuring Blasto, Konscious Kel, and 00Dougie takes the energy from the project and funnels it into a catchy hook, addictive flute melody, and bouncy bass. An irreverent ode to a coke binge, Hussle meanders the line of being politically correct and relating to his audience.

In all, “Johnny Wick” is a wonderfully balanced fall time EP that bridges the excitement of the summer with the calmness of fall. Whether you’re for catchy hooks, disgusting beats, popping 808’s, supreme wordplay or just looking for new music, “Johnny Wick,” will not disappoint.

Pre-Save Link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/charleshussle/johnny-wick

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