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Mississippi’s Best-Kept Secret!!

Bryant Williams, who dons the moniker Brian Grind, is street bred; a person who grew up in the hardened streets of Mississippi, flirting with danger on a number of occasions, his experiences in the streets characterize his masterful flows and rhymes as he comes armed with a repertoire of street wisdom, which he swiftly and […]

New Music: Angel Sessions – Let’s Go Ride | @AngelSessions

Angel Sessions is a singer that really takes her craft seriously , and you can tell this by the production of her records and videos. The hard work and massive effort that she puts into her career is second to none and quality shows within the fruits of the labor.  With all that being said , […]

New Music: Nando STL – Y.O.T.A. | @NandoSTL

St. Louis rapper Nando STL released his debut project Y.O.T.A or ‘Year of the Ape’ today via Nappy Boy Entertainment. The 10-track body of work, almost entirely produced by PDUB (Da Baby, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Kirk Franklin), features guest appearances by Nappy Boy label-head T-Pain, STL legend Nelly + more, and was mastered by Darwin at Chicago’s Classik Studios. […]

Introducing ‘Times Sq’

“Introducing ‘Times Sq’ – the latest track from Niko Nota, a talented New York City-based producer and audio engineer and the founder of the independent label, Acid Funk. Inspired by his surroundings growing up in the urban landscape of NYC, North Jersey, and Philly, ‘Times Sq’ is a mesmerizing urban hip-hop track that captures the […]

Savarre presents: Unbeautiful.

“Unbeautiful” is a single by avant-garde group Savarre, which appeals to listeners seeking a more daring and one-of-a-kind musical experience. The intuitiveness of the arrangement and the layered production style of the song creates a very peculiar, cinematic, minimalistic atmosphere, creating a stunning contrast. The New York-based group, led by songwriter Shannon Denise Evans, managed […]

Meet DR Ayo Gathings Relationship And Life Coach To Love And Hip Hop Reality Star Safaree Samuels

Meet DR Ayo Gathings relationship and Life coach to Love And Hip Hop reality star Safaree Samuels. Here is what you need to know about DR Ayo and Jason Gathings. The Gathings aren’t your typical everyday family. They are true visionaries, who are authentic, possess fortitude, and strive to achieve greatness. Their clan includes Jason […]

New Music: Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions – Revoked | @AngelSessions @itsjustDella

Mother and daughter link up to give us a smash hit record called “Revoked.” Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions are by far two of the most creative people you will ever come across within the music industry. The songs provoke emotion and it always has a message for people to walk away with. Not a lot of artists are […]