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Tae Zu Is The New South West Ghod

Tae Zu Is The New South West Ghod

El Paso TX artist Tae Zu comes back with some heat only the F.F.E. (Funky Fat Elephant) crew can come with. The time is here and the new Ghodz are in with that rawnest hip hop has been producing from the the “underground”. A 360 artist, as his motto, producing mostly if not all of his past an present works and work with his F.F.E. team you can say 360 is a fact. But dont take the Texas Rapper/Producer lightly, with a slyle they say outside the box of the normal hip hop most are use to. Give a fresh breath of air to the already rare group of artist to stand out in todays hip hop. RIDE WITH ME the latest form irresistible Tae Zu brings in a smooth Melody played by bells in a natural sway you can’t help but to nod to. Accompanied by heavy snare, deep bass, and rythmic dum patters that only lock in the song as you injoy the wave of the instrumental. Toped off by slick word that seem to fit in just the right spot making the song an alround balanced piece. Visuals shot and edited by David Corral Productions make the music even more irresistible guaranteeing you wanting to watch more than once. Clear video and crisp scenes only make the experience even better every time.


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El Paso, TX


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