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Mississippi’s Best-Kept Secret!!

Mississippi’s Best-Kept Secret!!

Bryant Williams, who dons the moniker Brian Grind, is street bred; a person who grew up in the hardened streets of Mississippi, flirting with danger on a number of occasions, his experiences in the streets characterize his masterful flows and rhymes as he comes armed with a repertoire of street wisdom, which he swiftly and effortlessly unleashes over any type of beat; from the nostalgic old school and trap melodies to the more modern contemporary and drill-inspired beats…he fits in like a glove! As the instigator of “A Hustlers Poem”- an album that has earned him a shockwave of intrigue from far and wide, Brian Grind isn’t letting that wave of momentum die; he is back with another street anthem dubbed “Play Your Cards Right.”

This bona fide masterpiece has been set to a vintage piano, a hypnotic beat, and a deep-phased bass line that is tweeter-tearing and ground-shaking. Without wasting time, Brian Grind jumps on the head-banging wave and stamps his indelible lyrical imprint through his thought-provoking bars, freakish cadence, and visual metaphors, all in service of a track with a great, lasting impression! An intoxicating concoction of the wild beat and rattling bass, the smart and scholarly flows, and sometimes provocative rhymes delivered in Brian Grind’s vibrant hip-hop voice, not forgetting the infectious hooks that round out this performance, is why this delectable masterpiece deserves a place in your musical menu.

With this performance, Brian Grind demonstrates once again why he is a hot deal right now; a versatile and dynamic artist who is not shy of pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and rap in order to carve his own niche lane and leave his mark on the ever-expanding and evolving sound. “Play Your Cards Right” is the mark of a distinguished lyricist and performer reaching an unrivaled high as he challenges the status quo, establishing himself as a unique artist and a strong force to be reckoned with in his field. To experience indisputable, raw artistry from head to toe, follow the attached link and let this certified banger elevate you as much as your playlist.

Additional Media: https://koji.to/NapoMoneynthaBank

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