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Elespee – Skyhook

Elespee – Skyhook

The GPNYC presents @elespee’s new single “Skyhook” produced by @CongoCircle.

After sitting on the bench for most of the season, Elespee Eloheem bounced back into the game this week, looking sharp and offering up a hot handed “Skyhook” for the win. Thanks to the perfectly timed assist by ALL WORK NO PLAY’s Congo Circle, the multi-talented nine year veteran out of New Orleans seemed in his prime throughout several minutes of play.

With playoffs right around the corner, the GPNYC seems poised to finish the year strong and land themselves in the Finals. When interviewed post game, in regards to the night’s efforts, Eloheem’s only response was,”Thank you very much… what more can I say? Allahu Akbar…”