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Nebraska’s Own, “Siem Dream” making Noise with his Latest Release of 2023

Nebraska’s Own, “Siem Dream” making Noise with his Latest Release of 2023

From releasing multiple “Singles” every month in 2022,
The Midwest is catching a buzz quickly, as a small-town Kid, Nebraska’s Own “Siem Dream”
DROPS his first Single and Latest Release of 2023 “Green Light, GO!” to spark up the Summer, bringing HEAT to the Music Industry

When you combine a Rock, Pop, Country, and HipHop style of Music with a kid who’s Traumatized from a Troublesome Childhood with High hopes of being able to reach out to the World and share his Story through his Music.

Some will say it’s “Autotune”
The unique, creative, & catchy sounds he puts into his vocals, spilling from the Heart,
who some will say is “too much autotune”
Is just a RAW Kid with a gift having a Natural Tune.
From jumping his way into the Spotlight, this is one for the Books & one you don’t want to miss.

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“Nebraska Boiii on da Waaay!

What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music?

Through the hardest times of my life, music always helped me get through it.  Music’s always been there to constantly remind me;

“It’ll be okay…Better Days are on the way”, when nobody else was.

From a traumatized past & troublesome childhood, there’s a Kid with a Story.

When I’m Hearing beats, some beats will just catch me instantly, and it triggers my thoughts, my idea of “If this is IT!?, If this is one of my Upcoming Records.

The power behind the beats, really takes me away at times, which allows me to put my creativity to work, expressing myself the only way, I realize I know how to… That’s behind my Music.

When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

I hear VMG, and instantly, I think “Classic”, something “Original” that’s cemented to the Industry like WWII forever has an “Impact” on Life.

Being that you are from Nebraska, what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you title your style of music?

Honestly, I never pictured “what the music is like” in Nebraska.  I never paid attention to it, which might sound weird.  But

I have been so wrapped around finding the REAL ME, as an “Artist” to figure out the kind of “Style” that makes “Siem Dream” Isolating myself from everything going on around me, to figure out who I really am as I keep asking myself, “ How am I going to stand out from the rest without ever listening to their music and the sound, or message they bring to the Music scene.

With your most recent music “Green Light, GO!”, is one for the books… Can you give us some details on how you came up with that song?

I wrote “Green Light, GO!”, because In “LIFE” we’re all given a Green Light to go forward with whatever it is we have to look forward to, instead of dwelling and letting roadblocks or pain from the past weigh us down, trying to kill our Goals!!

Additional Media: https://on.soundcloud.com/C7MMKDM335K61LRi9

When that street light sits on “RED”, we all got the urge to want to GO! It’s the idea of wanting to TAKE OFF like there’s a never-ending Finish Line.


Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

You can find “SIEM DREAM” on;





Stream “SIEM DREAM” music on;

Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer,

& ANY FAVORITE streaming platform!

Who are some of your influences?

With the music;

Tupac, Mac Miller, J Cole, Chance The Rapper, Jelly Roll.

            In LIFE;

My Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa (rip) are my Queens and my Grandpa was my true idol in life, having stormed “Omaha Beach” in “WWII” and lived 84 years of a Good Life after the chaos. 

From traveling the world with Grandma and giving his best every day, being a loving husband Gma always deserved & that’s something that reminded me, Grandpa always said to do More than the “average Joe” in life that last year I turned 13 before he laid to rest (2009).

My momma. Momma J. She is my absolute twin.  I always encourage people, if they’ve got the chance to meet me, please!!! You have to meet my mom, “Joy.”

Her name says it all.  She’s bringing light to the World, she gives me drive, and she’s always been my reason to go for it all, Do what I want to do in life.  Be who I’m destined to be and always pushed me to have FAITH to Believe, putting GOD FIRST, & always told me to Chase my dreams.  Not for ME, but I must do it for HER!!! She deserves THE MOST IN LIFE! Mom is Royalty.

Life was never easy growing up, it was hard for Mom to raise 3 kids on her own, me being a “wild child” of the baby out of the 3.  When I was inside the wound, Mom was in the projects hustling food stamps just to put food on the table to make sure we had a place to stay with a roof over our heads.  Trailer Park to the trailer park, this town that town.  Anywhere mom felt was best for her babies.

From seeing more than your average kid, growing up.  Having to go through what I had been through and having to see everything I saw! From my mother being beaten in front of me at 3 years old, Me as a little kid, being abused by my mom’s deadbeat “boyfriends” and not being able to do anything about it. 

Not being able to grow up with a dad I wish I could have had, thinking the brightest of things of how different things could have been.  But instead, I was raised by the strongest woman I know, my Mom; a single mother who did everything to raise her 3 wild kids.  I had a “stepdad” who showed up in my life when I was 10. One of The closest things  I could consider a father figure to me.  As the Big Farmer he was, I was brought into Farm Life, at a very young age, which made me the Cornfed, Country boy, with a ranch hand when you need it most!

Grandma is the most motivated, young-hearted, loving, caring, most real woman who inspires me to keep going. 

They helped me, be able to find more of myself, as I continue every day, to be able to able to really express myself in a way I COULD TELL MY STORY!

When I turned 15, I started playing with the music, never thinking anything of it.  I turned 24, to wake up and REALIZE THIS IS HOW I’m GOING TO TELL MY STORY!! THROUGH THE MUSIC!!!!  So I isolated myself, put my conversations into words I put down on paper, and made it my LIFE STORY with an ultimate goal to talk to the world, when I could never have the guts to Talk to somebody the times I needed it most when I was sad, hurt, or felt like I wasn’t enough in Life.

Any Last Remarks?

To what many would say is “too much autotune”, it’s just me!! Natural, with a touch of reverb and a  wavy, ocean feel, to go with a touch of “telephono” effects throughout my vocals in every song when it comes to the production.

Behind every song I write, EVERY IDEA I HAVE IS “ME”, IT’s those “little things” of being picky on  WHAT I WANT and how I want to final Touch to sound.

I’ve always told myself, “You don’t need to autotune to be YOU”

This is yours! OURS! Everybody’s Life!!

I’m here to tell my story!!

Hope ya’ll rock with it!

Toast to the accomplishments, but we shutting the block down for the  CELEBRATION!!!

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