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Emerging Soul Pop R&B Artist Jacqueline Hitting The Ground Running…

Emerging Soul Pop R&B Artist Jacqueline Hitting The Ground Running…

Who are you & what do you feel is your role in the music industry?

“My name is Jacqueline & I have felt called into this career since seriously considering what direction I was meant to take in life, around the time I was graduating from high school. Not only has creating music been a place for me to turn, to find comfort & relief- especially given the traumatic upbringing that I was exposed to but it’s also potentially the thing that I am best at. My vocal range is over 4 octaves, and I just love to dance, sing, and write lyrics and melodies. So I guess you can say it’s pretty clear this is something I am meant to do.

So I guess I feel like my role in the industry is just to be myself, to be authentic, to share songs that resonate with people & help shine light into their lives & this world. Quality music, music that touches & inspires people, and music that is true to who I am. Because if it’s not true to who I am then I’m not interested, to be honest.

But something I am excited about bringing that is new and different to the music industry specifically, other than being a female artist with my unique perspective, as well as 100% writing and producing all of my own released music to this point by myself, is my deep & unbreakable connection to soul music being the genre that allows me to express the core of who I am. So, I just love including those old school sounds like live drums, trumpets, saxophones, and so on, in my music- while still of course bringing something new, unique, and modern, especially with the lyrics and vocals.”

What is it about being a singer-songwriter that fulfills you the most?

“That is a very very good question! I guess for me it is just the primary creative outlet that I access where I have the most fun, first of all. The final product just brings so much joy. To be able to express oneself so deeply- as music can honestly be such a powerful tool when it is used the right way- and at the end, have something to be able to listen to, sing along with, dance to… And feel like I’m expressing something important to me..? In my opinion, there is something so special about writing songs that are true to oneself when that is actually what a person is meant to be doing- and especially because it is also something that has helped comfort me in times of difficulty & get through pain when nothing else seemed to help… I feel 100% honored that this is even something that I can pursue as my actual purpose and take that responsibility very seriously.”

What makes you the most excited about your next single “Time” finally being accessible on January 5th, 2024?

“I’m just excited to continue to share with the world who I am as a singer-songwriter as I feel “Time” explores some new places that weren’t yet explored in my debut single “Made It.” I honestly love both tracks for different reasons and believe “Made It” was the perfect song to debut my career as an emerging artist. But as far as “Time” goes- it takes my listeners a bit deeper into knowing me as a person and woman, rather than more as an artist- which is really what “Made It” was about, specifically. Because “Made It” was about finally going “all in” as a recording artist to pursue this calling as a top priority & refuse to allow any further delays or distractions to keep me from pursuing my destiny & essentially loving myself. Before I went back to focusing on my music career & giving it the attention it needed if I was going to truly pursue it seriously- I was very much focused on helping and serving others. And that can be an excellent thing 1000% of course. It’s just that at the same time, there always needs to be a balance because if someone sacrifices themselves too much then they end up without enough for anyone whether it’s themself or someone else.”

What is it about your debut single “Made It” that means so much to you, that you chose to release it as your debut song as an emerging artist?

“I’d intended on writing a song that went into this topic…, I guess the song & its lyrics can mean several different things to different people, which is great and one of the remarkable things about music. But for me personally, when I wrote this, it had to do with my music career and finally actually prioritizing it, which also meant simply, prioritizing myself and my own needs, heart’s desires, etc. Sometimes people can be harsh in how they judge what it means to have a “heart’s desire” but when a person is actually on the right path and perceiving things in the right way, their heart’s desire is something that can 100% be a good thing and nothing to think negatively about at all.”

What can your fans look forward to from you musically as we are going ahead into 2024?

“My fans can look forward to authentic lyrics and quality music that is original yet soulful. We definitely wouldn’t mind throwing a powerful collaboration in there. And we are just so excited for what 2024 holds now that we have finally gone ahead and launched Soul On Fire Records and I am finally pursuing this path that I have been actively preparing for since I was a teenager.”

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