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Coming from the Underground. The Biggest Kalamazoo Rapper in Town is the One and Only, Brendon Rice.

What happens when you get Witt Lowry and Shotgun Willy combined as one person? You get this rapper you have never heard of the name Brendon Rice. He was born and raised in the small town of Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes, that’s actually a city). He has tried making music of his own at 16 years […]

Michigan Artist Caviar Cam Has Been Creating A Name For Himself

Artist Caviar Cam is an up and coming artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He released his first video “Step On It” August of 2020 and since then has been showing how his versatility and wity wordplay might solidify him as one of the next big things in the years to come. He gives raw emotion […]

Angelo Devinci’s “Born Star” album is on the way

Angelo Devinci is a singer-songwriter & producer from Detroit, Michigan. His music career started when he was 18 when he almost didn’t graduate high school. He picked up music as a stress reliever. At 23 his 2nd album following the “Dior Don” album “Born Star” is set to drop in the middle of July 2020. […]

Hottest Unsigned Artist Jay Against Humanity Drops EP.

It’s HERE… Detroit’s Own Jay Against Humanity Has A New EP. “I’m Chilling 2: Suicide Letter”.   Social Network Links. https://instagram.com/youngs1gma?igshid=ejssec1yhsdt Location Detroit, Michigan No related posts.

HRG DP Just Released The Pt. 2 Of Welcome To The HotBox

HRG DP, also known as “HighRoller DP” just released a part 2 to his debut mixtape that was released in 2016. His first mixtape attracted a buzz for him and has been dropping music ever since. DP has been under the radar the last year and has made his return with WTHB2. The Detroit rapper […]

Vontez Page – Henny and The Bag (We got Henny) Feat. Dallas

Super dope new artist coming from Michigan drops his first ever debut single and music video for Henny and The Bag. They call him Vontez Page and this catchy hook and chill beat in this song is a style he calls The Urban Pop Sound. Social Network Links. My Snapchat name is vontezpage My Instagram […]

New Video: Biig Juan – I Just Woke Up [Remix] | @BiigJuan

BassmENT Studios Exclusive artist Biig Juan releases his long-anticipated official music video for his remix to Supreme Patty’s hit record “I Just Woke Up”. Biig Juan is from Detroit, Michigan and has been chasing his dream to become a successful artist, audio engineer, and businessman since the age of 13. For the past year, he […]

Leo Torintino – R.N.D.

The New Music Video by Leo Torintino -R.N.D. Setting the world on Fire Right Now. Leo Torintino, is a duo music group made up of two young men from Detroit, Michigan Leo Lotus and Fader Faded. They have been captivating all listeners with their take on ‘mellow hype’ hip-hop. After long anticipation from their fans […]

Chrissii Key (The Humstress) – The Feeling

Chrissii Key (aka The Humstress) just released another track with Got The Key Records guaranteed to vibe this summer. ‘The Feeling” is amazing! Her style and smooth vocals will leave you hooked! Many artists struggle with their musical identity looking to fit in but Chrissii has a style like no other. She is creating genuine, […]

Bar Kings – Stage Fright

Bar Kings first single Stage Fright not only shows the true talent and creativity of this collective, but also brings back a lot of elements to Hip-Hop that seem to have gone missing as of late. Members S.T.A.T.E., Roiter, & Bomber The Monster trade bars effortlessly all while painting a vivid picture in a highly […]