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Dutch Dolo – The Gold Standard EP

“This album sees the artist stick to his own creative groove and simply make great music” Dutch Dolo is an up and coming artist from Greensboro North Carolina, with a passion for hip Hop. Dolo has been doing music since the age of 8 and has been rapping since the age of 16. Even though he […]

The Real M.O.G – All For You

Tell us about who The real M.O.G is, what the name stands for, and what dope song “All for you” is all about? I’m The real M.O.G standing for Man of God. My music is a mixture of different genes created to worship God though inspirational music. My goal is to reach those who have […]

Malachi The Artist – 5PM in Greensboro (Drake – 4PM in Calabasas Remix)

Listen to 5PM in Greensboro (Drake – 4PM in Calabasas Remix) by Malachi The Artist A cover of the summer hit “4PM in Calabasas” by Drake. Remixed for the great city of Greensboro, NC. The track consists of clever word play and hard hitting double entendres. Social Network Links. Twitter: Twitter.com/whosmalachi SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/malachitheartist Location Greensboro, […]

Jae Blacc’s “History In The Making” Being Held As An Underground Classic

Burlington/ Greensboro Hip Hop Artist Jae Blacc releases underground classic “H.I.T.Making” aka History In the Making. Available now on iTunes. OCT 10th a lyrical prequel to the release of this dynamic project! Social Network: Facebook: www.facebook.com/likeJaeBlacc Twitter: @JaeBlaccTFE @OnlyONDUC IG: JaeBlaccTFE Burlington/Greensboro NC No related posts.

SmoothBlackdaFantom – KARMATIC: My Bad I’m Good!

SmoothBlackdaFantom has released a preview of his new album ‘KARMATIC: My Bad I’m Good!’ and it has a snippet of a song inspired by the tennis star Serena Williams! A fun song expressing her sensuality and fitness. Also includes the full version of “Sexy Imagination” and “For the Internet”. This album looks like it will […]

SoufSideSno Feat. Twane Piasco – Keep It 100

Hailing from Greensboro, NC we have Street Smart artist SoufSideSno accompanied by another Street Smart artist Twane Picaso. “Keep It 100” is Sno’s introduction into the rap game. With a street persona and witty lyrics, Sno teams up with Eislo Famili to produce his very first music video entitled “Keep It 100” shot in Sno’s […]

James Jeff – Ca$hed A$hes

Here we have the latest visual from Greensboro, North Carolina artist James Jeff of FLYMiNDS.® x Grove$ide. The talented artist/producer teamed up with Greensboro, NC native Jia Spice. “Cashed Ashes” serves as the first official single/visual for James Jeff’s latest project “Rage”. The video exemplifies everything we know as “chill”. Check out this video as […]

Catcreek Musa – The American HipHopcrisy

The American HipHopcrisy is a grand overview of the state of today’s Hip Hop genre. The raw-griddiness of this 9th Wonder production masterfully lays out the canvas while the artist (Catcreek Musa) vividly implodes bar after bar of conscious content about the hypocrisy in America and Hip Hop and how the two marry. Not only […]