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The Real M.O.G – All For You

The Real M.O.G – All For You

Tell us about who The real M.O.G is, what the name stands for, and what dope song “All for you” is all about?

I’m The real M.O.G standing for Man of God. My music is a mixture of different genes created to worship God though inspirational music. My goal is to reach those who have been though some things in this world and need lifted up. The song “All for you” is off my album G-Praise. I’m currently in the studio finishing up this project. My desire is to bridge the gap between different types of genes of music.

I’m a song writer and artist. I have a message in every song that someone will find themselves have been though a time or two. My vision is to give my highest praise to God by reaching as many people as possible to spread the good news. I want people to know they don’t have to be perfect but they can come as they are to God. I’m a prime example of a work in progress. I want people to see that everyone was not bought up with a church background and it might take different ways to reach those people.

What is G-Praise and where did it come from?

G-Praise is a way to praise God in your own unique way without any criticism. I created it after wondering if there was a way for a G like myself that loves God to praise, worship or dance. The bible said “King David danced till his clothes came off.” I want people who came from my background to know there is no correct way to worship and praise God.

What are your favorite artist?

My favorite artist are Tupac, Kirk Franklin, Jill Scott, any old school music.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My pastor Dr. Kevin Williams is a person of inspiration for me, I look up to him and he leads by example. Being under his leadership pushes me to greatness.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Expect the drop of this album I’m working on. Expect to see me working with some great artist and where ever God leads me to I will go.

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Originally from Dayton, OH but currently live in Greensboro,NC.


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