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L.A. NY Read

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, the infamous mecca of real Hip-Hop – L.A. NY grew up as a genuine wordsmith & naturally started designing rhymes inspired by the incredible music scene surrounding her. She’s received multiple medals, awards, and accolades for her insightful poetry throughout the years & began to develop a signature style of her own as an artist in the process, refining & adapting her talent with words to vibrant & dynamic beats in a sincere effort to bring FUN back to the forefront of Hip-Hop.

Making the most important move she could possibly make for her music, she made a bold choice and relocated to Tampa, Florida, to pursue her dreams. Through the confirmation, love, enthusiasm, and relentless encouragement from her family, friends, and growing fan-base – L.A. NY started to truly blossom as an artist like never before, recording tons of fresh ideas & memorable music as she prepped the material that would form her stunning debut album Fat Girl Wasted. Authentic talent like L.A. NY has attracts even more talent to back her up, and soon enough, L.A. NY was working with high-caliber producers & artists like Epik, Feedy, JuJu, J-Rum Beats, Fudge, Flawless Tracks, D. Grant, and many more.

Officially released in February, 2018 – Fat Girl Wasted is the sum total of a whole lotta passion & a whole lotta soul, combined into eight extraordinary Hip-Hop cuts that shine a bright light on the remarkable perspective, focus, determination, & straight-up skill that L.A. NY brings to the Rap game. Ready to make her mark in music a permanent one, she’s breaking out in 2018 & set to dominate charts with tracks that keep the vibe completely wild, fun, & exciting…and words that keep it completely real. The follow-up to Fat Girl Wasted is already in the works – be ready for the Fat Girl Yo EP this summer!

Vintage had a moment to link up with L.A. NY to listen to the new music and more…

1) What keeps you motivate when it comes to your music?

What keeps me motivated is my family and close friends. Yea, I get disappointed when I get passed over, but I keep my head up. It’s not my time as yet. Right now everyone is riding the wave of what’s popular out right now. I am more for the older crowd who remember those days of just cruising and vibing. This is my passion. I do this for fun and for my family. If something is not fun, why do it? My family always comes first, then the music. Money is just the bonus of the grind to me.

2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

A throwback hip hop site that gives independent artists an avenue to display themselves and their work.

3) Being that you are from Tampa, what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you titled your style of music?

I am originally from Brooklyn, NY so I maintain my east coast flow and swag. Since moving down to Tampa, FL, I got to hear a different types of beats. So I combine the hard hitting beats with my message and flow. I would title my style alternative Hip Hop. I have won many awards for poetry, so I treat every track like a poem.

Tampa is still behind the curve in Hip Hop. I only know of 1 person that got a deal out here and that was 2 Pistols. That was almost 7 years ago and he has not broken out to the mainstream yet. One this Tampa does have is the motivation. There are studios everywhere and all of them are booked up months in advanced. So the dedication and the grind is there.

4) With your most recent music singles, can you give us some details on how you came up with these songs?

I came up with these tracks during the time in my life when I was feeling down on myself and the only thing comforting me was the bottle. That’s why this debut EP is entitled “Fat Girl Wasted”. It was a larger album with more tracks but I only released 5 tracks on the major platforms. If you listening to the whole album you can clearly hear when I stop feeling sorry for myself and went back to what I know. That’s why my first single on my EP is “Focus”.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

That’s one of my flaws. I am not a fan of social media and that’s the thing that holds me back from reaching my dream. They can still find me on Twitter and IG: @l_a_4realtho or email me at lany4realtho@gmail.com
I love doing collars and features for free. For my full album they can listen and download multiple tracks at: https://lanyeiproductions.wixsite.com/l-a-ny

6) Who are some of your influences?

My influences are Jay Z, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Jadakiss, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and DMX.

7) Any Last Remarks?

“Fat Girl Yo!” is coming out in the summer. It pays homage to old school NY Hip Hop. Stay Blessed.





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