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L.A. NY Read

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, the infamous mecca of real Hip-Hop – L.A. NY grew up as a genuine wordsmith & naturally started designing rhymes inspired by the incredible music scene surrounding her. She’s received multiple medals, awards, and accolades for her insightful poetry throughout the years & began to develop a signature style of […]

Soul 7 Poetry 4 The Soul “The Black Diaries” By Eyce Diggi

Rising poet’s new book “The Black Diaries” inspires to chase dreams despite challenges. Rising poet, author and spoken word artist Eyce Diggi has recently released her new poetry book “The Black Diaries” which motivates to chase dreams no matter how challenging the situation seems to be. Place, Date: All those struggling with challenges thrown by […]

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly’s “Genius”

R. Kelly has never been one for G-rated lyrics, and his new album is no different. Poking fun at the explicit content, Jimmy Kimmel had Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Benedict Cumberbatch read the actual lyrics from Kels’ song “Genius.” Hilarious! No related posts.

Chris Paul, Kobe, Shaq & More Read Their Meanest Mentions

In an NBA rendition of Jimmy Kimmel’s funny “Mean Tweets” segment, the talk show host gathered basketball stars Matt Barnes, Kobe Bryant, Shaq and more to read some of the awful things they get in their Twitter mentions. People are ruthless! No related posts.