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Ehvinchí -“The Choice Of NY”

Ehvinchí -“The Choice Of NY”

Ehvinchí, a new emerging star based out of Rochester, New York has been on hot streak!

Ehvinchí’s latest music video for his newly released single ‘London/Georgia’, (watch now on YouTube, Like and Subscribe) is not only a captivating visual experience, but also delivers a unique sound that fans have described as “orgasmic”. 

With the video only being out for a month Ehvinchí has acquired over 7000 VIEWS – and I’m seriously impressed, especially since he’s signed to independent Rochester based music label – ITS JUST MUSIC LLC.

His latest EP release “Subtle Differences” took me on a journey through his emotions as he deals with relationships, family and the never ending pressures of life as an artist. 

His ability to smoothly switch from singing to rapping was quite refreshing to hear and gives you a glimpse at the magnitude of talent this artist possesses. 

When you take a deeper dive into Ehvinchí’s catalog you will find some hidden gems like ‘Winslow’ and ‘Time for You’. Some classic throwbacks I also enjoyed were ‘True Colors’, ‘Loaded Letter’ and ‘Coast’.

Ehvinchí’s potential seems unlimited, and I cant wait to see what he comes up with next because I can tell this is just the beginning! 

You can follow Ehvinchí on Instagram @Ehvinchiofficial and ITS JUST MUSIC LLC @ijm585.

We had a moment to sit with Ehvinchí to see what’s new and more…

1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music?

Life, my surrounding friends, family and environment all keep me motivated when it comes to my music! We as in people all come from different walks of life and environment so for me to share my story miles and miles apart and to be heard and understood is a blessing in itself.

2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

When I think of “Vintage Media Group” words such as boldness and validity come to mind.

3) Being that you are from New York, what is the state of Hip-Hop there currently? How would you title your style of music?

With me being from more specifically Rochester, New York our music scene doesn’t get enough validation as it should however I’m definitely going to change that. So much talent is in my city it’s unbelievable , but like most cities were cut throat. The state of hip-hop currently in my city is on the rise with me at the head front leading the charge.

4) With your most recent drop of the EP “Subtle Differences” can you give us some details on how you came up with the idea for the project?

I came up with the songs by incorporating a series of events in my life that I felt people could connect and relate too. Struggle, relationships, hustle and passion.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

All of my fans and supporters can find me online via Twitter @ehvinchiofficial, Instagram @Ehvinchiofficial, Facebook @Ehvinchi Harris
And I’m streaming on All platforms!

6) Who are some of your influences?

Some of the Artist That currently has an influence on me today are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Virgil Abloh, Pharrell Williams, Durk, Polo G, XXX, Young Thug, Christian Dior amongst other designers and Artist.

7) Any Last Remarks?

Keep a eye out for my new clothing line “Every Society Falls” TM


Social Network Links.

Instagram –https://www.instagram.com/ehvinchiofficial/
Twitter –https://twitter.com/ehvinchi?lang=cs


Rochester, NY


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