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Bonnie Godiva Is Back!

Bonnie Godiva Is Back!

Many have fell in-love with her cutting edge rap skills and witty rhyme schemes. She has gained notoriety through participation on the popular MTV show ‘Wild N Out’ in seasons 9-11. This week, Bonnie Godiva makes a stunning come back to the battle rap scene on the live stream platform Caffeine! powered by URLTV. Fans rave about the intense show down between Casey Jay and Bonnie Godiva on twitter and beyond. Some have recited lines in their posts to Bonnie such as “… you can literally put a arm in stick it up and spin it around, like you on URL and the app glitching”. The explicit bars make Bonnie Godiva a stand out mogul amongst competition. We can’t wait to hear what’s in store next as she climbs her way up as a house hold name in battle rap!

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