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New York Artist MoneyHouse Kev: Music & Fashion

“My number one influence is emotion. I feel like nowadays artists are always trying to keep up with a trend, which causes the music to sound similar, mediocre, or non-relatable. I use what I go through and how I feel as my weapon. Sometimes it’s hard expressing yourself to people but for some reason, once […]

Rising Star Cello Releases Break Out Hit ‘Flashes’

New York hip-hop artist, Cello, carefully curates his music style to convey his personality. Known for his heavily auto-tuned, melodic rapped vocals, he is propelling himself into becoming a mainstream artist. Through his unique blend of music, Cello aims to create songs that fit any mood. The buildup to Cello’s recognizable talent finally hit with […]

Kenny Buttons are undeniable The Gift with “No longer Welcome”

Since the beginning of time, history has taught us that every so often, the Universe has given us an offering, if you will. A unique and extremely talented individual, that has the ability to change the face of music as we know it. We’ve seen it with Michael Jackson, Prince, and Kanye West. Now enters […]

Hottest Upcoming Female Artist In New York

In a sea of upcoming artists, Chasity McKenzie started her music career making R&B music, but she tends to switch things up from RAP to POP and R&B. Her music passion started from the comfort of her home as she sang her melodious music to her family inspired by her Idol ‘Hannah Montana’. That helped […]

A Tale Of Krazzie Daizy

Krazzie Daizy was born May 16, 1989, as Kendra Chan’el Calhoun to Cynthia Williams and Kenneth Calhoun in Buffalo NY. She grew up as the only grandchild of an Elder and First Lady Williams. Needless to say, she was in church most of her life and that’s where her love for music started. As years […]

Bonnie Godiva Is Back!

Many have fell in-love with her cutting edge rap skills and witty rhyme schemes. She has gained notoriety through participation on the popular MTV show ‘Wild N Out’ in seasons 9-11. This week, Bonnie Godiva makes a stunning come back to the battle rap scene on the live stream platform Caffeine! powered by URLTV. Fans […]
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About Musical Artist Klutch Da Rebel and Upcoming Release

Klutch Da Rebel announces a new song and video release for Friday, November 13. The long-awaited visual is a follow up to the song “Demons”. Switching up the vibes, Klutch describes the release “Pink Lemonade” as a commercial video which people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to. We were given a sneak peek […]

Refugee, War Orphan, Immigrant – Shirena Parker Breaks Out In Hip Hop Telling Her Story Of Survival And Pain.

Shirena Parker shatters stereotypes as an immigrant refugee and war orphan born in Iraq but raised in California. Beating the odds, Shirena aims to tell her story of survival and hope while also advocating for change by making waves in hip hop in the US. Her powerful vocal performance brings her new single “Keys” to […]

This White New York Rapper Is Being Compared to Eminem… And He Is HOW OLD?!

Here’s another white rapper who is claimed to be the next Eminem… The big difference is that the New York native actually has what it takes to elevate and be the next big thing in the industry. With the new project “The Debut Album” dropping you then gotta asked what’s he style? As with the […]