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HTH By King Bach

King Bach recently released his second comedy song and music video, HTH. This song comically explores people’s emotions after a house party when people overstay their welcome. Bach has been working on his comedy music project for over 3 years. The songs are comedic, but still enjoyable to listen to. He is constantly striving to […]

Flavor Flav Was A Guest On The Eric Andre Show & Everything Was Ridiculous

Getting invited to The Eric Andre Show could be the best or worst experience ever, but watching everything unfold is absolutely hilarious. From Thundercat awkwardly battling a robot Hannibal Buress, to T.I’s uncomfortable interview, to the Rapper Warrior Ninja obstacle course, nothing — seriously, nothing — is off limits on the show. So, naturally, when […]

‘Family Guy’ Makes Fun Of The Jay Z & Solange Elevator Incident

Solange would probably like us to be focusing on her new album rather than the time she attacked Jay Z in an elevator. But Family Guy isn’t helping her on that front by running this Peter Griffin included re-imagination of the night Beyonce’s sister went nuts on Hov on last night’s episode. Hmmm, they had […]

Stories With Kevin Hart! (Reenactment Skit)

LMAO… A reenactment of Kevin Hart’s stand up comedy. Featuring Woody_TheGreat, Jamie A Riley, House of Haute, Splack, Nellyvidz, Theking_Ali & Matthew Raymond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMO_2IhR5-w No related posts.

The Funny And Charming Charlie Clark

THE FUNNY AND CHARMING CHARLIE CLARK What can be said of the Hollywood actor Charlie Clark? Plenty of things. First of all, he’s a very funny man who has a very formidable bearing. He’s a smart guy who graduated high school at the age of 15. That’s something most of us can’t say. Charlie Clark […]