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Get to Know Tru Story Ceo of Hood Legends Records

Here’s a picture of Mayor Catherine Pugh & Tru Story the young mogul making significant moves in the music industry. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, the buzzing Artist is indeed someone you need to keep on your radar. The music is raw and contains dope rhymes with tons of experiences and life lessons that fans would […]

Funk Volume CEO Damien Ritter Responds To Hopsin Diss Track

Hopsin just went in on Funk Volume CEO and his ex-business partner Damien Ritter in the blistering diss track ‘ILL Mind of Hopsin 8’. Ritter did a Spreecast in response last night, and detailed the problems that lead to Hop leaving Funk Volume in January. According to Ritter, everything was going well between him and […]

Rapper Turned CEO, O “Dino” Domino Talks About His Record Label Mysterious Ent LLC

Dino is more than just your typical rapper from Louisiana with a bunch of country jargon. He has combined his years of military and music making experience to create a new standard for independent artists. Cleverly, he has also enhanced his marketability by becoming proficient in writing lyrics, artist development, mixing, engineering and mastering to […]

Atlanta Hawks CEO “Stevie K” Gets A Little Too Excited In This Promo With T.I.

LMAO… Atlanta Hawks CEO “Stevie K” Gets A Little Too Excited In This Promo With T.I. “Fo Shizzle!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX1Zp5RQZiI Related posts: No related posts.