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New Artist Da’Keen, We’ve Been Needing You!

New Artist Da’Keen, We’ve Been Needing You!

The modern era of music has given way to enigmas and artists of all shapes and forms who break the norm of what we have come to expect as far as what an artist truly is. Da’Keen is one such artist that epitomises the essence of the modern era. He is a multi-talented vocalist, musician and songwriter from Atlanta Georgia. Da’Keen is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort and spread love and joy to all those that hear it.
Da’Keen is the embodiment of originality and versatility and uses his musical acumen and ideas to create an amalgamated and original sound. He makes music in the new age soul/r&b genre as well as hip hop, house and Neo soul and funk genres. Da’Keen has a degree in music production and entertainment marketing.

He is a poet and musically he has had a vast array of influences however he accredits the pivotal influences and inspiration in his life to D’Angelo and Nipsey Hussle. He also plays the drums and bass guitar. This all culminates in Da’Keen producing a musical experience that is enjoyable, easy going and fun. It is music that is infused with positive energy to allow for an immersive experience that brings feelings of elation and happiness. His overarching ambition is to give people what they didn’t know they were missing. He is also the owner of Flashy empire music group were they teach the youth how to use their talent as a pillar of their success and groom them to understanding that there are other factors that are akin to success besides talent alone!

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