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Crooner Julian Quander Tells Us To Never Let The Love Stop.

Crooner Julian Quander Tells Us To Never Let The Love Stop.

It’s about damn time we had some new music that hits the soul. Julian Quander’s new single, “Never Let the Love Stop” featuring Champagne Duane is all that and a bag of chips.
If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out! The song takes you on a ride down memory lane. Remember those days when you fell head over heels for someone, and couldn’t wait to tell your parents about them? Well, this is that. Julian’s vocal delivery and spell-binding catchy hook instantly grab your ears. Champagne Duane’s lyrically clever verse and flow put a spin on this classic song.

Never Let The Love Stop was written by Julian Quander. Champagne Duane wrote his verse on the song as well. Emerging music producers So Fo Real Productions and Grammy-nominated sound engineer Carl Rushing also get credit for their awesome musical instrumentation and sound design. It’s safe to say, Julian picked a great team to make this song.

Julian, a Washington, D.C.-born music artist grew up outside the city in Silver Spring, Maryland. He studied music at Towson University and later took his talent out to China. “Did I just say China?” Yes, I did. While getting his feet wet in an unfamiliar market, he created his lane. He started his record label and became a local celebrity in a city called Xiamen. Xiamen is in the China province of Fujian.

The music video for Never Let the Love Stop was quite hilarious and cleverly put together. Julian and Duane portray a couple of construction dudes walking home from work and they stumble across an arcade machine that sends them to another dimension called “Asiaverse.” The creativity and concept are genius. Who thinks of this stuff? Believe it or not, Julian wrote the script and directed the music video himself.

Talent is talent, and this kid’s talent is on the rise. He’s not following the trend, and he’s a joy to see live in concert as well. He is quite brave and took a lot of chances with this project and the result seems to be great. I hope to see more ear-melting and eye-catching music and videos from him shortly.

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