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Jaraiyia Alize Breaks Down On Yo Best Friend Part 2 |

Jaraiyia Alize Breaks Down On Yo Best Friend Part 2 |

Breakdown the concept behind the record of “On Yo Best Friend Part 2”?

The concept of the record is basically talking about what females do when they go out clubbing, dancing, or just partying in general. “especially when they don’t want thirty Guys Dancing all up on them lol

Where was the record recorded at and how long did it take to complete the record?

I recorded the record at my home studio called Single Makerz Production based out of Chicago & we Recorded Jaraiyia’s part at pressure point Studios in Chicago IL. We finished the record the same day the session was booked. 

What do you feel “On Yo Best Friend Part 2” will bring different to the music industry?

On yo best friend pt 2 will definitely bring that undeniable party/ club banger feel that’s super repetitive & easy on the ears that’s actually talking about a real thing that happens in the clubs or amongst women.  

Will we see a video for “On Yo Best Friend Part 2”?

Absolutely 💯 the official music video is coming soon!! But when we come, u know it’s gonna be a MOVIE 😜

What do you have coming up for the summer? 

For the summer of 2023 I will definitely be dropping more smashes rather it be club bangers/ bed room bangers/ Afro beat heat or just real life music. All Singles Of Course “Single Makerz”  🏆

John Blu & Jaraiyia Alize’ - On Ya Best Friend Part 2

John Blu

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