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Don Kaneen- Overkill & Bombay

Don Kaneen- Overkill & Bombay

When it comes to real rap, Don Kaneen’s Overkill is the epitome of the culture. The West Coast native never seizes to disappoint and has been making his presence felt with the infectious flow, catchy hook, and lyrical domination you hear all throughout the track. Hands down this one go on the playlist. His Mixtape “The Rebuttal” is dropping at the beginning of 2022. This one we’ll be looking forward to.

Bombay has us stuck! Don Kaneen’s new singles are paramount to what the rap game has been missing. From the very beginning, the melody takes evoking emotion and the vocal performance shows how truly talented he is. This is a new artist to look out for. Seeing bright stars for the Debonair Camp in his future.

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Berlin, DE/ San Diego, CA


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