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‘When it Passes’ Actor Kieran Biggs

‘When it Passes’ Actor Kieran Biggs

‘When it Passes’ actor Kieran Biggs

I just watched a great little film called, When it Passes. I was looking at the Irish actor Kieran Biggs’ CV when I searched the Internet for one of the films he was in and found it right away. It was directed by Zari Raymond and starred Kieran and Amy McCallum. These projects are perfect windows into actors’ and directors’ artistic lives as they show the craftsmanship, skill of filmmaking and depth of artistic ability of everyone involved.

There were only two actors participating, Kieran and Amy, and the chemistry between them was more than perfect – it was as if they had known each other for decades. They played off each other brilliantly and if you were a bystander at the actual shoot it would have appeared that Zari, the director, had cast a husband and wife team or at least soul mates for the movie. Kieran later said that Zari casts her films very well and that she has a finely honed instinct on who will work together and who won’t. Apparently she does.

We agree with Kieran’s generous praise of his director but we’d like to toss out another theory: Perhaps Kieran and Amy are simple very finely tuned actors. However, Kieran was in another film, Liason, directed by Zari Raymond in which he gave a terrific performance where his character had a romantic interest with another young woman who could have been mistaken for a long-term girlfriend of Kieran’s because they got on so well. Okay, so two films in which Kieran seemed to blend perfectly with his romantic co-stars and that were helmed by Zari Raymond, but what about all the other movies and stage plays that Kieran has gotten along with everybody so exquisitely that they could be mistaken for family.

Well, I have no idea why we need to argue about this, so we’ll be moving on to other more important things about Kieran. Besides, the overall answer to these kinds of casting observations is always: “Who cares?” Kieran’s acting is all that matters for us here and it is continually so strong and impressive and his graciousness to his directors and fellow actors is so constant, that we feel that no matter who gets credit for the great casting and acting – it’s going to be okay with Kieran.

His love of acting was cultivated from an early age at the Betty Ann Norton Theatre School and from there he went on to the Gaity School of Acting in Dublin. After that he attended the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin and then received a scholarship to study acting at the University of California at Irvine. Kieran recently worked on Billy The Kid, which was narrated by Kevin Costner and has several movies in the works.