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Actor Gary Anthony Sturgis Stars In UMC’s Dramatic Series 5th Ward | @MovieStarG

Actor Gary Anthony Sturgis Stars In UMC’s Dramatic Series 5th Ward Actor Gary Anthony Sturgis brings another amazing performance to the small screen in 5th Ward, a new original series on Urban Movie Channel (UMC). Sturgis plays the role of “Blue”, a man in deep emotional conflict & a son of a preacher who shys away from […]

Donald Glover Wins Best Comedy Actor At Critics’ Choice Awards

Not to be outshined by Darius crashing the stage earlier in the night.   Another day, another W for Donald Glover. This time around, Mr. Gambino has won Best Actor In A Comedy Series for “Atlanta” at the Critics’ Choice Awards, beating out the likes of Patrick Stewart (AKA Professor X) and Bill Hader.In his speech, […]

‘When it Passes’ Actor Kieran Biggs

‘When it Passes’ actor Kieran Biggs I just watched a great little film called, When it Passes. I was looking at the Irish actor Kieran Biggs’ CV when I searched the Internet for one of the films he was in and found it right away. It was directed by Zari Raymond and starred Kieran and […]

The Magical Talents Of Flame Emin

THE MAGICAL TALENTS OF FLAME EMIN Wow! Did you see Flame Emin the other night? Well, you should have. She knocked ‘em dead on the red carpet and the photographers went crazy trying to get pictures of her. It seems that no one could take their eyes off of her, including me. In fact, I […]

Proving That Hard Work Pays Off, Actor David Castleford

PROVING THAT HARD WORK PAYS OFF, ACTOR DAVID CASTLEFORD “You have to prove yourself in the arena,” says David Castleford. He, of course, means the acting arena and the arena of theatre and film work. He knows what he’s talking about, too, he’s had to prove himself in the arena over and over. His other […]

The Funny And Charming Charlie Clark

THE FUNNY AND CHARMING CHARLIE CLARK What can be said of the Hollywood actor Charlie Clark? Plenty of things. First of all, he’s a very funny man who has a very formidable bearing. He’s a smart guy who graduated high school at the age of 15. That’s something most of us can’t say. Charlie Clark […]

Acclaimed Actor Pierre Macko Continues To Gain International Success

Acclaimed actor Pierre Macko continues to gain international success Pierre Macko has a face that’s hard to forget. And that is a good thing for an actor – not so good if you rob banks, however, which Pierre does not do. His classically sculpted face and piercing green eyes are fascinating to look at and […]

The Sky Rocketing Career Of London Actor Adrian Annis

THE SKY ROCKETING CAREER OF LONDON ACTOR ADRIAN ANNIS Adrian Annis is a talented man who gives his all in anything he pursues. He is originally from London and he was an athlete and a businessman in his younger days. And yet, Adrian has accomplished many amazing feats since then. He has a performing in […]

Actor Who Played Tupac In N.W.A Biopic Is Working With John Singleton For Tupac Biopic

While portraying the late Tupac in the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, Marcc Rose caught the eye of director John Singleton and it looks like they will be working on a project of their own. While promoting Compton, Rose spilled the beans about he and Singleton working on a Tupac biopic. “Me and director John […]

Paul Walker Dies at 40 in a Fiery Car Crash (Fast And Furious Actor)

According to initial reports, the Fast and the Furious actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and then slammed into a post or a tree. The car then burst into flames. It is unclear who was driving the vehicle, but sources tell TMZ another person was also killed in the wreck. […]