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What’s New In Miami?

What’s New In Miami?

Finding a little soul in sin city. The artist DMangelo is doing something different than what we are accustomed. He is making good music that actually makes good sense. He has great lyrics and top notch killer production. DMangelo has been working with some very credible studio producers. The artist recorded some of his latest tracks with Mr. Platinum Plaque him self, Bryon Tyson (Deep Productions) who has recorded and produced for Plies, Dj Khalid, Gorilla Zoe, to name a few. This guy is on fire. He make epic political sense “White Brick White House”, has a great flow “Give You The World”, and even caters to the ladies “Face Time”. Did I mention he directs his own Music Video’s. Be sure to check out DMangelo, your in for treat, a laugh, and a bit of enlightenment.

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