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Getting To Know Fbe Drich

A 18 yo rapper from Miami Florida better known as Liberty City. Fbe Drich states if you coming from where I’m from you know how it goes from sex, money, to murder from snakes to rats. That’s what inspired me to rap as I was losing friends and coping with my own problems. So I […]


Cheflodeezy is a Jamaican born Miami rapper. Deezy moved to Opa Locka, Miami at the age of 9 where he lived with his mom and younger brother. Deezy found his love for music as a teenager at Miami Central High, when his best friend at the time introduced him to the beat making platform Fruity […]

Michael Jaay – Miami’s Biggest Upcoming Rapper

Get to know Michael Jaay, one of the biggest upcoming hip hop rappers in Miami, FL. With no record label or management help, Michael Jaay also known as MJ, has created a platform for himself with thousands of fans.Check out Michael Jaay’s latest single titled “He Aint Me”. Mj’s newest hit is gaining lots of […]

John Austin Music Artist, Engineer & Producer

John (Maher) Austin is a music artist, audio engineer, music producer, graphic designer, and social media marketer born and based in Miami, Florida. Born on November 19, 1994, John’s been working in the industry for 9 years. His biggest influence is Drake. Some of his most popular work includes the songs “Bad Habit” and “Game […]

Coty Martez – Atrocity

Rising Artist Coty Martez Drops new Hip Hop – R&B Single “Atrocity” Shedding Light on the Killing of Innocent People due to Police Brutality No topic is closer to more American hearts and minds today than police brutality and racism. Coty Martez tackles this emotionally-charged environment in an honest and moving way with his new […]

Ateo Feo – Occupy

Ateo Feo Will F**k Your Mother In the A**! Ateo Feo will Occupy Wall Street and then Occupy your mom’s vagina. He has nothing to lose. A life of drugs, crime, poverty, and redemption have taught Ateo that life is short and pointless. Make sure you smoke lots of weed and fuck lots of whores […]

Shottie – Skyrider (feat Ras Kass)

Miami emcee Shottie is joined by West Coast legend Ras Kass on ‘Skyrider’, produced by TeV95. Skyrider is off Shottie’s full length project titled Delorean. “I’ve always considered Ras Kass one of the best MC’s in the game. We reached out with the record and he showed love… that’s real.” – Shottie “I played this […]

MrWalkinLick – Splashing On Purpose

MrWalkinLick better known by his stage names MrWalkinLick, KING or K.I., is an African American rapper from Miami, Florida. After the release of his song “Splashing On Purpose”, in October 2019, MrWalkinLick became a viral internet meme and consequently, an internet sensation due to his unique style of rapping. MrWalkinLick was born in Miami, Florida. […]

Jai Jin – Drippy

JAIJIN Life on the streets alone is hard, especially when you can’t go home because your family stifles your creativity thinking that it is evil. I might have stopped most people, but not Janice Hamil, AKA Jaijin was born in Jamaica Music was always her life. Singing and dancing was her main focus in school. […]

Define A Masterpiece?

From Miami, Florida, Gutta Lu a rising star, born Sterne St. Fleur, was born to Haitian immigrants. The oldest child of his parents, he was largely raised in ‘Little Haiti’, a section in Miami, but he later moved around a lot with his single mother and younger siblings- a boy and a girl. In his […]