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Upcoming Emo Rapper “YnR Spark”

Upcoming Emo Rapper “YnR Spark”

When you’re 18 -years-old you don’t usually count “Rapper” as a profession on your resume, let alone have one typically. But at such a young age, London-born upshot YNR Spark has already made a name for himself in the music business, and, as recently as last year, can call himself an associate of DxthLorx.

But even without the industry co-signs, Spark’s a hustler who knows he’s got the chops to navigate today’s rap game. “I’m for the new generation, I’m different from everybody else,” Spark explains. “I got my own sound. I mean it’s nobody who sounds like me, if they are they copying me but i aint hating because that means they love me and somehow they look up to me. I feel like a rockstar.”

“Parents just don’t understand”: Music is generational but this statement has perhaps never rung as true as with the emo rapper.

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