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Troy Remedy (feat. Molly May Rockwell) – Next to You

Troy Remedy (feat. Molly May Rockwell) – Next to You

For Troy Remedy, to live is to endure. Life makes for an uphill climb. One must claw and scrape to gain even a morsel of advantage. When in need of solace, Troy Remedy turns to music. “Music has always been an element to some of the things that have happened around me,” said Troy Remedy. “When you’re in a bad spot, in a bind, mentally stuck or trying to find your way through the maze. music has always been there.”  

Troy’s fresh lyrical delivery and organic production hearkens back to the days of old but with a bold new twist. His songs burrow down into the heart, revealing concealed pain and sorrow. “My professors taught me the method,” said Troy. “I took the lessons that they taught me and I had to show my own version of it. And in my own style. I take great pride in the production side of things.”

Troy brings listeners his own lesson in the form of the rich, soulful new track “Next To You.” The song sees Troy Remedy collaborating with singer (and fellow Texan) Molly May Rockwell. “I created the harmonies and wrote all the lyrics,” Troy explained. “I tried to find a distinctive voice that fits this type of song.” “Next To You” sees Troy Remedy reminiscing on romance and regret. “It’s about the kind of enjoyment that you have when you meet somebody,” said Troy. “But also the missed opportunities that come with that. The realization that you did have something good but you let it slip away.”

Regarding Molly May Rockwell’s sultry vocal harmonies on “Next To You,” Troy said, “she did exceptionally well!” The music video for “Next To You” features Troy and Molly performing in what appears to be a local jazz lounge. “[Molly] added some grace and elegance with her performance,” Troy recollected. “Everybody from the Randy McGill band to acclaimed saxophonist Andrew Landell did a spectacular job!”

Fans of Troy Remedy’s “Next To You” have time to brush up on his other singles while he records new material. His emotive, moving song “Gratitude” features guest vocals from hiphop legend Bizzy Bone. “I felt like all the stars aligned with that song,” Troy Remedy remembered. “Everything from the beat to the video. I just felt like everything came into place perfectly.” Troy recalled feeling the pressures of being an independent artist reaching out to an established veteran. “That’s a serious conversation you have with yourself. You’ve got to ask, ‘Are you capable of doing this? I personally feel we did a great job with the finished product and were able to meet the challenge.”

Anyone who enjoys “Next To You” won’t have to wait long. Troy Remedy revealed that he has 2 upcoming singles in the works. “Temperatures Rising” and “Lost The Flame” that will both be released later this year. Troy also announced that he is currently booking live shows. He will perform at Texas’ independent music festival, Loudfest, in December.

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