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Stranger Places by Upcoming Superstar, BLKZEN

Stranger Places by Upcoming Superstar, BLKZEN 8.4

For those who don’t know BLKZEN (pronounced as Black Zen), we’ll tell you about this musical anomaly. He makes all of his own tunes with diverse, unexpected twists with international flavors from across the globe. We hope you’re prepared for an array of sonic fantasies coming your way from this guy!

His first body of music for 2020, entitled, “Stranger Places” is available on all major platforms now. This is something to sit back and go through one at a time. This project features a unique blend of music, unlike anything we have ever heard before. You’ve surely outdone yourself BLKZEN!

Additional Media: https://smarturl.it/evenstrangerplaces

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Sometimes We Review Media That Gets Our Attention And Grabs Us. BLKZEN (Pronounced as Black Zen) Provided Us With His New Project Titled "Stranger Places". The Title Should Prep You For What To Expect. Production Value And Overall Creativity Was On Point. To Then Find Out That BLKZEN Also Makes His Own Beats Sealed The Deal For Us. "Perform" & The "Alibi" Is Our Favorite Picks From The Project. We Highly Suggest You Take A Listen To Stranger Places And Tell Us What You Think.

Replay Value 8.5
Originality 9.0
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 9.2


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